petrol @ morrisons jarrow 116.9p

petrol @ morrisons jarrow 116.9p

Found 9th Dec 2014
petrol @ morrisons jarrow 116.9p

Price at Asda only 2 miles away 115.7p
- eslick


With the drop in oil prices, it should be less than 80p a litre

heat for that first comment. fuel should be a lot lower considering crude prices. We are being screwed over.

Erm, 115p in Edinburgh.... Hardly a nationwide deal.... That's just the standard price at the moment.... And should be cheaper

115p asda


115p asda

Yep and there is one only a couple if miles away from OPs store

less than 80p what an idiotic comment. more than that currently is tax

This post just shows how silly this site gets - every asda in the country is 115.9p, therefore most supermarkets will be within a penny or so of that, making this Morrisons price probably their RRP, particularly in an area that will have access to Asda

But still fools vote it hot when plenty of "actual deals" get voted cold when the sheep start to follow

Just paid 115.9 at Tesco

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this post was just a local post as it says Jarrow, no I don't work for morrisons, was seen late last night so did not no of asda price,

Ice cold deal!!!

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where people can save money on a deal on ukhd why vote it cold yes maybe asda/tesco is cheaper but by the time you travel there you have lost the saving visa versa,
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