Petrol Pricematch at Tesco filling stations

Petrol Pricematch at Tesco filling stations

Found 10th Feb 2007
A while back Tesco heavily advertised that they would pricematch petrol at their filling stations. The signs have all gone but this morning I asked as our Tesco is 1p litre dearer than Waitrose across town - the cashier said they still did that and if I took the receipt into the store they would give me double the difference. The girl at customer services was unsure but came back with the answer that they do still price match and beat! so for my 46 litres I got back 92p - not a huge amount but with clubcard points too and as I couldnt be bothered to go to waitrose AND as I was going there for my shopping too I think it was worth the ask!!!


Good find, small discount but every little helps :)...heard that from somewhere cant remember wher though :giggle: :giggle:
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