PG Tips 240 tea bags £3 at Asda and online too

PG Tips 240 tea bags £3 at Asda and online too

Found 8th Nov 2010Made hot 8th Nov 2010
First post so be gentle! Can't find posted anywhere else but Asda have PG tips 240 tea bags reduced to £3.00 Loads in store not sure if online too.

Just noted it is online too!!!



I read on another forum they have some with the free monkey too
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Thanks ilovepink just added that it's online too.

I was looking for a deal for the 240 pack...excellent find op...heat added

Fab, been waiting for this offer to come around again as just getting to the bottom of my last pack!

same price at Iceland,
£4.25 for 160 BOGOF @ Tesco

Eeeeeee you can't beat a nice cuppa tea with a shortbread biscuit.

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Still better deal than BOGOF at Tesco sowotsdis works out at 0.01328p per bag at Tesco and 0.0125 with Asda deal. Thanks anyway.

Same deal on Scottish Blend in the Scottish Asda's.
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