PG tips decaf tea pack of 80 - 65p ASDA

PG tips decaf tea pack of 80 - 65p ASDA

Found 3rd Jun 2016
Not sure if nationwide but found a box of 80 pg tip decaf tea for 65p in ASDA cookstown. Worth a punt. Barcode ending in 1088
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Decaf oO

Decaf oO

The issue I have with decaf is that it doesn't just target Caffeine, it also reduces other compounds in the tea, which have reputed health benefits.…ion

I have seriously bad anxiety, well I did until I took meds for it, anyway caffeine doesn't make me anxious if I drink it in coca cola, but if I drink Coffee and even decaf (which still preserves some stimulating Xanthines) I get anxious, and green tea is an absolute nightmare if I drink that, but that could be because of the EGCG which is known to affect Dopamine.


I don't really see the point of decaf, just don't drink tea if you can't handle Caffeine, decaf just ruins the beverage in my opinion.
Decaf tea? That's like a porn film with just the story.
Ive had decaf tea coffee for years. Unfortunately it's always been more expensive to buy. Unfortunately I can't drink caffeine since having my gall bladder removed it makes me quite unwell thanks for post bigmac31
Decaff tea tastes the same as normal tea if you buy the same brand. People think it doesn't until I tell them afterwards they just had decaff and they never noticed.
I can't have caffeine so it helps me ta.
I buy decaf for my 2 yr old. He likes dunking biscuits in tea.. The childs hypo enough without caffeine X)
I also drank it while pregnant and can't taste the difference at all
The 160 pack is quite often found in pound land so worth keeping a look out of you are there.
You really can't tell the difference between this and normal PG tips. Great price. Think I paid around £2 last time in Tesco for this.
Thumbs up from me. No longer get those headaches I used to get. Tastes no difference and many people I know have switched over the years.
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