PG Tips One Cup 76 pyramid tea bags 99p at Home Bargains

PG Tips One Cup 76 pyramid tea bags 99p at Home Bargains

Found 25th Mar 2013
PG Tips One Cup 76 pyramid tea bags only 99p at Home Bargains.

The 40 packs are usually 99p to £1.29. So I thought a pretty good deal. This packs has RRP £1.79, but shelf edge label said £1.99!
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76 bags in one cup... there will be no room for the water!
Very weak & I dont like strong tea! Better to get Typhoo 1 cup 100's for 95p in same shop!
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Poundland have it too if you don't have a Home Bargains near you. 76 for £1.
These one-cup bags are smaller than the traditional ones - unless you like weak tea, they only make half a cup. So they're only equivalent to 36 real PG Tips bags, and not therefore as cheap as they appear.
The important part is "one cup". Not PG Tips...

"one cup" means they are worse than own brand bottom barrel saw dust teabags.
People voting hot have clearly never bought "one cup" tea bags before.

...Great for builders though, they'll drink anything.
Bought these and they are weak as p*ss

Don't bother they aren't worth 30p!
also in poundland
oh damn i bought a pack today didnt realise it was a one cup one
I've got a box of these on the go now, and I'm having to use London water. The tears I cry thinking of home falling into the cup make the tea taste better, though. Seriously, you never get that 'Luvvly cup of tea!' feeling with these.
These must be the the fallen tea leaves of the proper ones Swept up from the factory floor , as been said no taste at all weak
great price:)
Tastes so horrible, same size teabag as normal one but less than a third is full of the tea leaves powder. never buying this again
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