PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (160) £1.84 @ Somerfield
PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (160) £1.84 @ Somerfield

PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (160) £1.84 @ Somerfield

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PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (160)


same price at co-op too, same company ownership

time to buy when approaching a penny per tea bag



time to buy when approaching a penny per tea bag



This may tempt me away from Twinnings for a bit!

Over three months have passed now since I opened the door to a very handsomely dressed elderly gentleman carrying a large wicker basket and bearing a welcoming, cheerful smile. I’m one of those annoying (well, if you happen to be a salesperson) people who generally refuse to buy from the doorstep, and though I’m always polite, I am pretty opinionated about it. Long gone are the days when mum used to get the weekly fish from “the fish man” who would drive his small white van round the streets and open the back doors wide to sell his catch of the day, wonderful freshly caught fish that tasted amazing. There’s always a bit of suspicion nowadays when people come knocking at your door, and woe betide you if you let them in to see that you own a TV, a laptop AND a very fancy five speed, four temperature hairdryer. So you see, the poor chap, had he known my opinions, would probably have missed my house out of his round that day, but I’m ever so glad he didn’t.

I worry quite a lot about the amount of money I spend with Mr Tesco. I try really hard to source my food locally, but it’s so hard sometimes, when time is short, or your work day was long, to be bothered to do anything else but trail around Tesco’s cool isles, and collect your daily fare. We get our fruit and veg now from a local farm, and that really helps I know, but, with this spick and span gentleman on the doorstep I had a sudden epiphany, and realised that here was another way of spending my money locally and blowing a rather noisy raspberry to Mr Tesco. You see, Ringtons are a local company. Founded in 1907, they have been trading from Newcastle upon Tyne ever since, and now, instead of horses and carts, they have fine green and gold vans, delivering tea, coffee and other wondrous stuff to the people of the North East and beyond. They have over 270,000 customers, and the business is still run by the Smith Family, a fourth generation proud of it’s heritage.

Sign Me Up Please Sir!!

So I signed up to get my tea delivered to my door. How convenient! We go through a lot of tea and coffee in our house, so getting it this way will make a difference to how much we spend at Tesco’s, and as they (well, Asda…) say, every little helps! So the following Friday, I got my first delivery. A different gentleman, but just as smartly dressed in the Ringtons uniform, arrived at my door with the usual large wicker basket, brimmed full of goodies, to deliver my tea. I got it half price for joining, and added a packet of ginger biscuits to the bill. The tea cost £1.80, but I got it for 90p, and the ginger biscuits cost 99p. A bit more than I’d usually spend on a packet of biscuits, but when I opened them, I could see why. Huge rounds of crispy fragrant biscuit, baked golden honey coloured and tasting delicious, I was soon wishing I’d bought more than one packet!

On my second visit, I got a packet of biscuits free, and on my third visit, a free £2.00 voucher to use with a purchase of tea. Wonderful! This week, I managed to miss my Tea Man, as I call him, but behind the potted honeysuckle, out of view of the road and out of the rain, was my bag of tea. A small pink note posted through my letterbox informed me of it’s location, and of the charge to be added to my bill. I can pay next time they come, or I can pay once a month, as I please. This is a great thing, having an account, as sometimes, in these days of cash cards and credit cards, you have barely a ha’penny to rub together in the house!

The Quality of the Products

I’ve so far been using the Traditional Blend Tea, and enjoy the strength of taste and the lovely golden colour – I like my tea to have a bit of colour to it, and this certainly hits the mark on that score. Flavour is good, strong and full, and one bag will easily make two cups of tea. As far as the biscuit side of things goes, we’ve tried the mallows, which are very moreish, the ginger snaps which I loved and will be buying again, and some low fat cereal bars which were full of apricots, very sweet and quite nice in small amounts!

Other things that Ringtons will deliver include:
Coffee, both caffeinated and de-caffeinated, freshly ground and instant;
Hot chocolate in sachets;
Fruit and herbal teas, including camomile, lemon, ginger and ginseng;
Biscuits, including the ones mentioned above, caramel wafers, sultana cookies and no sugar biscuits;
Tea bags, of course, including de-caffeinated ones and loose teas.

The Service

I have to say the service from Ringtons staff is second to none. They are polite, patient and very helpful if you have questions about the products. If there’s something you especially want but that they don’t have that day, they will arrange to bring it round for you, or ensure it’s included on the van for your next delivery day. I have never had to ring them yet, but the information you are given when you sign up has a whole section on ways you can contact Ringtons if you need to, including a freephone number.


I really am glad I was in that day to be able to sign up for doorstep delivery. It would never have crossed my mind to go out and arrange a delivery otherwise, and it makes me feel a lot better about my contribution to the local economy. The quality of the tea I’ve used has been perfect, and I look forward to many more happy years as a Ringtons customer! In west philidelphia born and raised on the playground is where i spent most of my days chillin out maxin ralaxin all cool and all shootin sum b-ball outside of the school wen a couple of guys they wer up 2 no good started makin trouble in ma neiborhood i got in 1 lil fight n my mom got scared n said ur movin with ur auntie n uncle in bel air i whistled for as cab n wen it came near the lisence plate said fresh n it had dice in the miroor if anythin i could say that this cab was rare but i thot naww 4get yo home 2 bel airrrrr i pulled up 2 the house bout 7 or 8 an i yelled 2 the cabby yo home smell ya lata looked at my kingdom i was finally there ta sit on my throne as the prince of bel air

great deal if live near one, co-op had them at 1.85 which i grabbed up the next day they had gone :P btw anyone seen any deals on beef joints i want to stock up for crimbo
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