PGR4 for XBOX360 only £12.50 at PCworld via Price Match

PGR4 for XBOX360 only £12.50 at PCworld via Price Match

Found 18th Feb 2008
A common sense one this - to improve on an already good deal!!

Heres how it works.
Print out the Argos Web Page from the 14.99 Argos Deal by Stephen25UK.

Take it to PCworld as per Rustybuckets earlier post and theyll price match it +10% of difference (which is £25 - hence £2.50 more off)

Did it yesterday - you should have seen the look on their faces taking £27.50 off!!!


Tried this yesterday, but they refused as I could not prove they had stock???

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Go to the Reserve for Store Collection and Choose your Nearest Store on the Argos Webpage.
This will show they have stock - Print it and go try again friend.

I have voted hot, but some managers and some stores do not play game. If I reserved one, they would probably then say it is not avaliable to purchase, so refuse anyway...

Don't know if others have stores like these who just don't bother with the price match, and worm out of it at any cost..??

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It worked for me!
Try a different store, or alternatively try Currys as they have the same offer but the game is £5 cheaper so you only get it for £13.00.

i went in comet and they refused to price match because the difference was too much plus they made all these excuses not to give it to me so went next door to currys and they price matched with the 10 % difference no probs, cost me £12.49. This was in the eastbourne stores.
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