Phantasy Star Universe XBox360 only £7.99 delivered + 4% quidco

Phantasy Star Universe XBox360 only £7.99 delivered + 4% quidco

Found 2nd Sep 2007 price only £7.99 delivered saving you £42.00 (82%) off the rrp of £49.99

Description :

Epic Story: Phantasy Star Universe offers a suspenseful single player adventure that fans have been clamoring for.
Phantasy Star Brand Heritage: Since 1988, the franchise has evolved, and produced seven series to date - building itself as one of the most well established RPG franchises.
Real-time battles where players choose their own strategies: Choose from over 200 weapon variations in over 20 weapon categories for melee, technique, or ranged-type combat. Players can also select numerous Photon Arts to defeat enemies.
World Class Score: Soundtrack produced by premier orchestras and vocals from Poland, Hollywood, and New York.
Online Gameplay: Offering the Best of Both Worlds
Variety in transportation: Player-controlled vehicles offer a new type of gameplay for the Phantasy Star franchise.
Character Customization: Go beyond standard customization for your character with precise measurements, an endless color palette, and outlandish outfits.
Massive enemies: Over 20 unique enemy species, totaling over 200 enemy variations.
Since its humble beginnings in 1988, Phantasy Star has revolutionized the RPG genre by creating new standards through innovative gameplay and online capability. Phantasy Star Universe offers a compelling story, both offline and online, that rebuilds the foundation of role-playing games with stunning cut scenes, sharply drawn personalities, and a cohesive narrative. This game revitalizes the Phantasy Star brand heritage while staying true to its roots.
Phantasy Star Universe offers long-time fans the single-player experience they have been clamoring for. The solo adventure features more than 40 hours of gameplay, an emotionally engaging story, stunning cut scenes, and a strong cast of characters with very distinctive personalities. The title's hero is Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet who begins his epic journey by first rescuing his sister at the GUARDIANS, a colony under siege by mysterious life forms known as THE SEED.
In Online Mode, players are given the opportunity to create their own characters from a range of races, as they explore all three planets in the Gurhal system. Fans can travel with their friends as a squad of six adventurers, enter urban sprawls teeming with hundreds of other players, and build their avatars into powerful warriors.

Includes 48 hour free trial of Xbox Live.

and dont forget your 4% back via quidco aswell

Chances are the 48 hr trial will have run out - so just to warn incase
- dandoc2


Excellent price, cheapest elsewhere is £14.87!

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thanks and thanks for whoever put the picture up aswell can never figure out how.

That was me See the help threads in my sig.... although I couldn't grab the one from shopto as they have blocked that function, I had to grab it from gamestracker.

great price ordered

Not great reviews unfortunately:


Agreed...v good price. Never played it - no idea what its about, but another one for the collection

[SIZE=2]Good deal, but be aware that to play this game online (which is where all the fun is on this game) you need to pay an extra mothly sub. Not sure how much it is though.[/SIZE]

Just looked in wikipedia - it is £6.99 a month.




Just looked in wikipedia - it is £6.99 a … Just looked in wikipedia - it is £6.99 a month.]

Not sure that's XBOX360 - I think that might just be PC

Just read this on the official PSU site

For the Xbox 360 version, you'll need a broadband connection and an Xbox 360. You'll need to set up an Xbox Live account with a Gamer Tag, if you don't have one already, and then grab your GUARDIANS License from the Xbox Marketplace, and you'll be good to go!

Sounds like you pay the sub through market place. I wonder if you have to have a gold level sub in addition to the monthly sub?

more info here...
Seems to be us based though - any uk users shed more light on it?

At least you dont need a gold live account to play it - silver is fine. Makes sense!


How annoying! I used to love Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast, it was awesome. Looks like they've ruined it though...

Me too - I think the UK was the only place it was free to play PSO - other countries had to pay the sub back then too.


I play this game and it's great, only requires a silver account to play online (I have a gold anyway =/) Costs £7 a month through xbox live too. You may think that £7 a month is really expensive but if it's the only game you play and you're not buying other games you would of then really it's a saving :P

I agree - when I played it back on the dreamcast, although there was no sub to pay, I got a £10 a month dial up inclusive package just for this one game. If you get into it it is worth it.


so its 7 quid a month?

hot deal for the game, im not into paying even 8 quid for a game, i have to pay 7 quid a month (84 quid a year) to play


so its 7 quid a month? :(hot deal for the game, im not into paying even 8 … so its 7 quid a month? :(hot deal for the game, im not into paying even 8 quid for a game, i have to pay 7 quid a month (84 quid a year) to play

You only have to pay that if you want to play online, there's still story mode and extra mode (Create your own character and play missions by yourself)

True, but if it is anything like the original PSO the single player mode is very tedious.


I imported the Japanese version of this on the PC back when it launched (for the online play) and got this when it came out in the UK for the 360 (for the story).

Firstly, the online play is much of the tried and tested PSO formula but there are differences to class structure, weapon use etc. It does feel alot like a faster paced PSO and that is not necessarily a bad thing. For a jump-in party-based MMO it can certainly hold its ground, I played the Japanese version for several months and never got bored.

The story mode was quite enjoyable and it is a definite step up from PSO's take on a story. The game is filled with cutscenes and it is overall an interesting story that is easy to follow. What may interest alot of people is that the gamerpoints are structured so that completing the game on story mode = 1000 gamerpoints (you get an achievement for defeating each boss).

Any questions anyone has I'm happy to give my opinion ;).

The delivery is really fast, i ordered on Sunday night and got it 36 hours later.
I plan to play the off-line 1st and maybe dabble with the online if i like it, maybe subscribe for 1 month and blitz it.
Reviews are not the best, ranging from 4.5/10 to 8/10.
It says on the cover that you get a 2 day online trial free.
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