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120 Antihistamine Tablets! 4 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets (30 per pack) FREE DELIVERY £2.79 @ Pharmacy first
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Hayfever is kicking in - 120 tablets should last all summer! Free 2nd class Royal Mail delivery.

Ordered 3 days back and received today. June 2020 expiry so will last 3 summers. Absolutely fantastic!


Loratadine 10mg 30 Tablets (Clarityn Substitute) @66p each 6 months supply would work out at £3.96 12 months £7.92. This falls short of full 6 & 12 months total seeing there are'nt 30 days in each month. Anyway just put this up out of interest for persons concerned. Free Postage if you opt for 3-5 days delivery


Well it definitely gives me a buzz


If you prefer Loratadin..


Ordered, thank you

4 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets - 30 Tablets - FREE DELIVERY £2.79 @ Pharmacyfirst
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Looks like they're this price nearly all the time now, but 'tis the season to be sneezing, so might be helpful to somebody looking for relief through streaming eyes.

If you need larger quantities with free delivery, there are quite a few NHS pharmacies selling Cetirizine and Loratidine on eBay. HTH ;)


excellent, thanks OP


These are 70p for 30 - no contest.


Certirizine are 79p for 14 (one a day) in Home Bargains.


Same make and strength, from Amazon, they just seem to be ineffective.

Time to post the Loratadine (Clarityn alternative) deal again £4.79 at Pharmacy First.  6 months' supply.
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
The FREE delivery part of the deal sometimes disappears, but it's there now - as long as you don't buy anything else. Loratadine is the generic ingredient of Clarityn tablets whic… Read more

Didn't work for me.


Love it


That's generic piriton, not generic piriteze.


ordered with 2020 expiry date?


Thank you, have just ordered - 6.3% from Topcashback as well.

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Paracetamol 500mg 32 Tablets and Ibuprofen 400mg 48 Tablets £1.79 + £3.19 Delivery @ Pharmacy First
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Was £12.81 Special Price £1.79
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I'm sure it's 2 per transaction just buy 2 at a time hardly a problem. I do this anyway when I do shopping for 2 or 3 people as it's easier to give them the correct change etc so it shouldn't be a problem buying them from normal supermarket.


I'm lucky to not have to take medications so just curious as to why someone would need bulk buys of these, thanks for the reply.


Pharmacies can sell. I'm talking about picking up off the shelf in any supermarket.


There are lots of people like myself on long term pain relief who take paracetamol or ibuprofen every day as part of a combination therapy with other drugs. It does make it a pain (sorry!) to be constrained to buying just a few days worth at any one time from a supermarket. Pharmacies can sell more for some reason.


OP must have been hopped up on meds when he posted this deal

4 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets - 30 Tablets - FREE DELIVERY - UNBOXED - £2.79 @ PharmacyFirst
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
excellent deal for year round allergy sufferers! £2.79 for 120 tabs with free delivery, paid £1.99 for a box of 7 in local home bargains recently!
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johnnyd57uk The Amazon ones are good too. 6 months supply now £4.99 from "other suppliers"


I get 6 months worth of amazon prime for 4.39.


Don't forget TC 6.3%. Every little helps!


Ooh, not to be sneezed at!


Heat. bought thanks!

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6 month supply loratadine for allergy sufferers £4.79 - 	Pharmacyfirst
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Just thought I would share this as I suffer all year round with allergies and thought it was a good deal. Free 2nd class delivery too!
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Love it


Thank you


Thanks OP. Ordered. I just hope they work for me.


For any one wanting Certirizine bought 12 X 30 tablets ( years supply nearly) for £6.99, work just as well as known brands...


You only find out how much the delivery is when you put in your details

Canesten bundle for Thrush - £8.14 Delivered @ Pharmacy First
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Save your pounds, this is a steal, get the generic version
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Only on HUKD can a fufu relief cream cause such controversy!


You couldn’t make this deal order up. Sort out the thrush, get yourself a Thrustmaster then use a bit of spread when the going gets rough.


Just itchen to buy this


It is sexually transmitted, but also being run down and taking antibiotics can lead to thrush developing


Diabetic ketoacidosis is unrelated to a healthy person following a Ketogenic diet though.

STUD 100 Desensitizing Spray For Men £4.95 @ Pharmacy First
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
This is a great stocking filler for friends and family. It works aswell (highfive)
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Won’t ask how you got oil on it! Prefer a drop of Firey Jack m’self; a problem shared....


Yes! Mine came early 😞


Trying to hard


when i was young used to be called stud action delay spray we all sniffed it an jees it delayed mr from going to school :))


If you have seen our Lass you would know why I don't need this <3 <3 <3

Covonia Hot Dose Cough & Cold Syrup 150ml - BOGOF £2.95 / £6.14 delivered @ Pharmacy first
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Just got this on an newsletter, purchased and prommised delivery next week
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There's nothing like getting a hot dose..... (skeptical)


I got some of this when on offer at Tesco and when I caught a cold last week it really did a great job supressing the coughing and sneezing before I went to bed. This in my experience does actually work.


Bit expensive for a placebo


Would be hot if didn't have to pay ridiculous shipping costs


Carvoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonia (popcorn)

4 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets - 30 Tablets - FREE DELIVERY - UNBOXED £2.79 pharmacyfirst
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Cetirizine 10mg antihistamine tablets are an excellent treatment for people suffering from hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), perennial allergic rhinitis (a similar conditio… Read more

I have just come from home bargains and you only get 14 tablets for this is a far better buy. :p


Thanks OP heat added , just ordered (highfive)


free delivery only on orders over £40


Didn't mean to make you feel bad for sharing... Just shared my thoughts as well. I was once told that fillers in the tablets may interfere with the active ingredient and so maybe that was responsible for its lack of efficacy with you. Could all just be heresay (I don't work for a pharmaceutical company and cba to research it) but thought I'd mention so you didn' feel your experience was being belittled in any way (highfive)


I've been on cetirizine for years for hayfever, perennial rhinitis etc, and in that time, had more brands than I can remember. I've always put down worsening symptoms to external, unidentifiable circumstances rather than a change of brand. Is it possible you've experienced the same? You've also got to be vigilant for counterfeit drugs.

Old Spice Aftershave Lotion 100ml - Smell like your Grandfather or possibly Noel Edmonds - £6.09 @ Pharmacy First
Found 5th Nov 2017Found 5th Nov 2017
Transport yourself back to 1937 with this vintage man scent, from an era when men where men and personal hygiene was at an all time low. Prepare to impress the ladies at your local… Read more
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Is that not what they used to knock the wall down.


Internet winner :D (embarrassed)


Cool Story Bro.


Fake news


I bought last year from Poundworld when they used to sell everything at £1.

Cheaper Alternative to Canesten for Thrush - Fluconazole 150ml x 1 capsule - £1.59 @ Pharmacy First
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
I found this generic bad boy that is the same functioning medication at a fraction of the price.
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If you have a frequent need for these, read up on the symptoms for diabetes, as it's often related.


I've expired as the price delivered is now £4.58 rather than £1.59 which it was when posted


Heat added (highfive)


They do a three pack for £3.99 with free postage.... Wish I'd seen it myself before ordering three separate packs and it costing over £8 with postage.


Yeah it's not designed for the cupboard well not a storage one anyway :o

6 months supply of hey fever tablets with free delivery  was £40.21 Special Price £4.79
Found 10th May 2017Found 10th May 2017
6 months supply Use code FREEDELIVERY for free delivery
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Mine finally turned up (3rd time lucky). Good deal, especially as they're dated 05/19 so they'll last me through next summer as well


Which bit? All I can see is a list of things about Scotland, where is the racism? Sorry RACISM. Scotland has all of the above does it not? Are you not proud of the above?




Ordered 2 so got 12 months supply for £9.58 + FREE 2nd Class Postage - Thanks OP - HOT!<3


And free hospital parking! Its English taxes pay for all this. Not many Scots or welsh paying them is there!, and free anti histamines on top! The worlds gone mad, while Nicola goes round trying to head but us with Glasgow Smiles! ps, Does anyone know if they have a long shelf life please? The tabs I mean not the gingers lol

Cetirizine 4 months supply (4 x 30) £2.79 with Free Delivery @ PharmacyFirst
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
It's that time of the year when you think you've got a cold when in fact it's Hay Fever and you've run out of stock for tablets. Use discount code FREEDELIVERY at checkout. There… Read more

Freedelivery works only if you add 3 x Fluconazole


Thanks op


Nice one, just what the Dr. ordered 8)


I have just received packs of Loratadine today so anyone who's been waiting a while should receive yours in the next few days


Good for a having a quick nap too

Loratadine 6 months supply (6 x 30) £4.79 with Free Delivery @ PharmacyFirst
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
Hay fever season started up, might as well stock up for the year. Prefer the Loratadine type compared to Cetirizine as less drowsy. Use discount code FREEDELIVERY at checkout. T… Read more

Just commenting to say this offer is still live in the middle of hayfever season (Quidco is a lower amount though). I missed this first time around and just found it - ordered 6 months worth to see how I get on. Cheers op!


I never received mine. They said the they'd been sent out a week after my order. Never arrived. Then they said they'd send out a replacement. 10 days have gone and they never arrived. Yesterday they'd said they'd send out yet another replacement, but today a PayPal refund has appeared in my account. Good on them to apply a refund, though very strange that both packages have failed to arrive.


Got mine a couple of days ago. I would still like to know how to get them for free though?? (_;)


Have just received these in the post today so everyone's should be arriving this week


Ordered today. Not in a huge rush but my hayfever usually kicks off around May :(

4x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets 30 pack (120 Tablets) | £2.79 & Free Delivery @ PharmacyFirst
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
4 month supply of Cetirizine 10mg antihistamine tablets, they are an excellent treatment for people suffering from hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), perennial allergic rhinit… Read more

I have order one of this today, hopefully atleast 1 year worth of expiry date exists on this.


Good deal! Thanks! I had used this website before (was saved in my password manager) however seems they deleted my account... Last purchased from them in March 2015 so was a little surprised!


Alternatively, 6 months of Loratadine for £4.79, also with free delivery




thank you, i must get of these, almost run out

6x Loratadine Tablets 30 pack (180 Tablets) | £4.79 & Free Delivery @ PharmacyFirst
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
6 month supply of Loratadine Allergy & Hayfever Relief One A Day Tablets. They provide relief of allergy symptoms such as running and itchy nose, sneezing, burning and itchy ey… Read more

This deal is still on. Cheers :-)


Does the FREEDELIVERY code only work for this specific item? I ask because it makes more sense to buy individual packs at 66p each, rather than this 6 pack (at about 80p each), but FREEDELIVERY doesn't then work.

3 x Fluconazole 150mg 1 capsule thrush treatment £3.49 with Free Delivery at Pharmacy First
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
This is a very good value deal for a generic tablet for thrush treatment, which sells elsewhere under the name of Canesten or Diflucan at a much higher price. I have used it many t… Read more

I'm itching to buy this


It's not just for the area you think. I sometimes get thrush in my throat from taking inhalers for asthma. Much cheaper than a prescription, thanks op


cranberry juice (_;)


I think maybe you need to consider getting your plumbing looked at.


that is a great price!

Clotrimazole Cream 1% (Canesten) 20g x 5 tubes £5.49 @PharmacyFirst
Found 21st Oct 2016Found 21st Oct 2016
Relief from fungal infections, yeast infections, sweat rash, ringworm, athlete's foot and jock itch. You need to enter the code FREEDELIVERY in the coupon code, you might also nee… Read more

Yes and believe me this works




are jock itch and itchy scrot the same affliction, just trying to work out what I need, thx


Price check on VagiClean...


This treats fungal infections not dermatitis, which is typically and rather unsuccessfully (depending on severity) treated with moisturizers and steroid cream, so the answer is NO.