PHD Diet Whey £17.99 HOME BARGAINS

PHD Diet Whey £17.99 HOME BARGAINS

Found 27th Dec 2014
PHD Diet Whey 1kg 17.99 , £40 almost everywhere else. Could be nationwide.

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Which store?

Hopefully its nationwide as this is a real bargain!

I can't whey-to get this!

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my local store is Basildon Essex. It is online, but only in 4 packs.…spx

£1 more on amazon, lightening deal was £15 as was tesco in store maybe 2 weeks ago..

So.. cold.

Ps, it's very sweet. Much sweeter than ust and the likes. I would say it's too sweet for some.

Wow I use to drink this before it went expensive partially due to the VAT on sports drinks. I use to pay £18 normally, ridiculous.

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it is available on the website, but only in bundles of 4.

Mourinho doesnt like this.

No whey, Jose

Got a bag of the strawberry off the Amazon lightning deal a month back and it is very sweet, sweeter than the regular Phd pharma whey HT+. It also has less protein at about 68% vs about 74%. Just opened up a bag of Myprotein unsweetened impact whey, which is cheaper (at about £22 delivered for 2.5kg with the discount codes), has higher protein content (about 82% iirc) and is more versatile. I mix that into warm milk with a teaspoon of coffee.


Hopefully its nationwide as this is a real bargain!

?? £18 for a kg of poor quality protein is a rip off, even if they halved this to £9 it still wouldn't be a good deal.

What does this do for your body ? I mean I don't actually know so im asking and no im not stupid
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