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Posted 1 September 2022

Phd Diet Whey Protein Powder: Low sugar, Low Fat, High Protein 1kg - £11.99 / £10.79 Subsribe & Save + 15% first order voucher @ Amazon

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If anyone just missed out on the Belgian Choc which was just posted. Seems like as soon as it went out of stock they lowered the price on this flavour to the same.
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About this item
  • Diet Whey is a fast absorbing high protein, low sugar shake that provides you with the added CLA, L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract that is LESS than 100 Calories per serving.
  • Not only does Diet Whey deliver quality protein , but the protein derives from multiple sources, giving you a that staged release into the bloodstream at different stages to offer that drip feed effect of amino acids.
  • A strawberry protein powder with 3332mg of BCAA's to help build muscle and aid in recovery. Diet Whey is also perfect to assist in your weight loss journey as part of a calorie controlled Diet.
  • Available in a variety of great tasting flavours and sizes that all come in 100% recyclable bags.
  • PhD was born from science with innovation and entrepreneurialism at the core of what we do. We are always striving to launch credible, science based products to move the category forwards & help more people like you progress.
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    @robinson216 belgian cholcate is back in stock
    Thanks. Ordered one of each.
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    Good deal in current crazy whey protein pricing crisis.

    Nutrition values added for those who care.

    My protein prices have become ridiculous
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    Would you guys recommend this or is there something better out there for diet protein?
    Ignore the whole "diet" protein thing, it's a marketing ploy. Whey protein is a great way to increase daily protein intake without excessive extra calories from carbs and fats,, that's it. Others will say you can do the same with food, which is true but realistically unlikely for most people in the long term as eating several tins of tuna or chicken on its own becomes very difficult. The added ingredients that make this product "diet" such as CLA or GTA have limited, at best, research to support their dubious claimed benefits. Find a protein which is high in protein per 100g, 70g at least ideally, at 68g this is close enough as its cheap. Use it to increase calories from protein and make up the rest from food. Find an on line calorie calculator to work out how much you should be eating each day and use my fitness pal to track everything that you eat. Set protein for at least 25 percent of total calories and get the rest from carbs and fats as suits you, but be aware you will get far more volume of food with low fat as carbs have less than half the calories per gram than fat. Follow the recommended calories from the calculator and monitor your progress and adjust accordingly, adding or subtracting calories depending on the speed of weight loss/gain. I'm sorry if you just wanted a recommendation for a diet protein but unfortunately, whilst highly marketable, they do absolutely nothing on their own for meaningful weight loss, only a sustained caloric deficit over time will do that. Protein, from food or powder simply means that your body will burn a higher proportion of fat rather than lean mass whilst using it to support your daily energy needs. You can loss just as much weight without protein in your diet but the goal should never be to lose weight, it should be to lose fat, there is a massive difference in what the end result will look like, especially if you can do resistance training along the way and don't do excessive cardio. Good luck
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    This stuff and their protein bars and PHD products gives mew tremendous gas, though quite tasty. (edited)
    It's the hemp protein that upsets my stomach, even though it's meant to be more absorbable. (edited)
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    Are there any protein powders that don't use sweeteners? I'm allergic to 99% of them and haven't been able to find anything online.
    Pretty sure unflavoured powders won't use sweeteners. Myprotein do one (edited)
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    Its nice but i think for a protein shake 17g of protein is under par compared to other brands on the market and just for general protein intake
    Not at all, that's for a 25g serving. Good luck getting much more than 17g protein out of 25g of powder from anywhere. It's really important to read the actual nutritional label when comparing protein, or any food for that matter, as it can otherwise be very misleading and you end up comparing products against completely different values. They normally publish nutritional value per serving and per 100g, use the 100g values for accurate comparison. If you want a higher amount per serving just have a 1.5 or 2x scoop. You'll find slightly higher protein content out there, by maybe a gram or 2 but not much more, and certainly not at this price, if you find it though, do share (edited)
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    Chocolate orange is my go to but it's rarely the flavour on an offer. Taken a punt with Belgian chocolate at £8.39 with S&S plus 15% discounts applied.

    PHD strawberry flavour in any of their protein powder products I find quite sickly and gloopy. White chocolate and Raspberry is pleasant as is Chocolate mint.

    Heat added for find and price, cheers OP!
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    68g of protein per 100g is pretty poor for protein powder. Even the bulk protein company who do some of the worst tasting protein I’ve ever had in my life has 79g/100g and they frequently sell their 4kg tubs for around £30 making it better value too. This also has more fat and nearly the same sugar so I’m not even seeing how it’s “Diet” comparatively? The only place it’s properly lower seems to be the protein

    All said, the only positive of this one will be that it tastes better. Otherwise fairly poor all around
    It's the casein I believe? Absorbs 4x slower so better for keeping hunger at bay whilst on lower calories.
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    These are horrible, so grainy not smooth at all.
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    As a comparison MyProtein impact whey is 20g of protein. That's currently 21.99 per kg. This is a diet protein so has additional ingredients like Green tea extract( contains caffeine ).
    I personally prefer a standard whey or isolate (edited)
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    Myprotein Impact, Whey Protein Smooth Supplement, Chocolate flavour, 2.5 kg amzn.eu/d/55pDbnP @Smadmad it's cheaper on Amazon and if bought in conjunction with either the £5 or £7 vouchers available it's a bargain. In my experience this PhD stuff is gritty with all the flaxseeds and is very lumpy when mixed. (edited)
    Agreed bitty and gloopy.
    It's concentrate not isolate.

    Maybe this could be an alternative:


    Not a bad price for 90% isolate. (edited)
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    £8.39 for me via subscribe and save plus further 15% promo on top of that
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    Ordered using subscribe and save 2 days ago, to get £8.99 price. Checked Amazon this morning for delivery time as it was due today and they have put the following:

    “Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping and we had to cancel your delivery. The package is being returned, and we will issue a refund within 5 - 7 business days after the return is processed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Did anyone else who ordered get theirs?
    I ordered 2 on Thursday and received both the next day.
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    Thank you
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    Is the s&s option not there for anyone else as well?
    It's there for me, you are on Prime?
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    Great find thanks
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    Heat added! paid 8.99 Bargain
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    Diet whey waste of time and money !
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    thanks op got one
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    Got the Belgian chocolate for £8.99. Guessing you can just cancel the S&S after?
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    Thankfully the vanilla flavour isnt on offer this time (I purchased from a previous deal) 😥 the vanilla flavour is rancid so steer away heat for this deal though, hopefully strawberry and chocolate are better?
    I find a spoon of instant coffee makes the vanilla really nice
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    Thanks op ordered the Belgian choc one
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    Poor macros on this. Protein content is lower per 100g than other brands. So to some extent this is a false economy. Premium brands like Per4m are worth the extra money if you can afford it… taste is unreal and macros much better.
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    Order for £8.99 cheers
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    I've never seen whey with sugar added? Diet?
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    soya protein -- not good at all, waxy barley flour -- a sports supplement MUST?
    milk protein is 2nd highest ingredient of which 80% is micellar casein

    thickeners -- Acacia Gum, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum -- can only guess at amounts , prob give gas

    even at £7 i wouldnt bother but

    £12 for a kg is a bargain today
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    Back in stock, same price and vouchers.