PHD methoxy 7 test + free phd recovery 2:1 £35.99 @ Monstersupplements

PHD methoxy 7 test + free phd recovery 2:1 £35.99 @ Monstersupplements

Found 17th Nov 2010
I used to buy methoxy 7 test on its own for £35.99.. very decent product to help building up and building lean muscle. Also gives good mental & physical energy when combined with the right diet!
Recently monstersupplements have been giving away free PHD supps with the methoxy 7 test (probably to get you to try them out).
But i think PHD is a top brand with quality products. Recovery' is a rly good post workout supp!


id say this IS a hot deal due to getting the recovery free. but its widely known that no "test" products ever work.
if you want to increase your testosterone theres only 1 way to do it and its illegal.
plus, although PHD is a godo brand, similar products can be found cheaper. myprotein being one place.

Vampire Hunter J

if you want to increase your testosterone theres only 1 way to do it and … if you want to increase your testosterone theres only 1 way to do it and its illegal.

It's actually not illegal.

In the United Kingdom, anabolic steroids are Prescription Only drugs under the Medicines Act (1968).They can only be sold by a pharmacist on the presentation of a Doctor's prescription.

They are also class C schedule 4ii Misuse of Drugs Act. The Class determines how dangerous a drug is perceived to be, and penalties relating to the drug. The Schedule defines who may be in possession of or supply each drug.

In 1996 the Home Office made 48 anabolic steroids, any other anabolic steroid falling within a generic definition of such substances, esters and ethers of these, five polypeptide hormones (human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG)and growth hormones (HGH)) and Clenbuterol class C schedule drugs (Misuse of Drugs (amendment) regulations 1996, Misuse of Drugs act 1971 (modification)order1996). Importantly, while this made it an offence to supply these drugs or possess with intent to supply, it did not make it an offence to possess or use them personally.

It is not an offence at this time to possess anabolic steroids for personal use*, unless they are counterfeit. Therefore police tend to arrest for steroid possession only if they can prove the drugs are counterfeit (and therefore not prescribed by a doctor). A small number of arrests and convictions are made on this basis each year. In these cases, prosecution would be made under counterfeiting laws.

*Note: The law does not specify a figure or quantity for personal use and so the practical consequences of this legislation have yet to be seen.


It is however an offence to supply anabolic steroids. The penalty forunlawful supply of class C drugs is a maximum of 14 years in prison and unlimited fine.


If a person obtains a drug from abroad then it falls under the importing regulations. The Medicines Control Agency has stated that up to 3months supply* can be brought into the country as long as it is for individual use.

*Note: The law does not stipulate what amount of anabolic steroids constitutes "3 months supply" and thus this is open to interpretation by the authorities.

For medicines obtained abroad, the key issue is the legal status of the medicine in the country of purchase. If it is available OTC (Over The Counter) in that country then up to 3 months supply could be brought into the UK (as long as it is not also classified as a Controlled Drug within the UK)and the person could be in possession of, and use the product without breaking any regulations.

However although possession and use of a POM (Prescription Only Medication) for personal use does not constitute a criminal offence, supply of such products is an offence and could be easily done for. For example, somebody purchasing a medicine abroad (UK classified POM) and bringing it into the country for someone else would also be committing an offence.

These are the laws as understood at present but really have not been tested in court to see how they are implemented. Sentencing is highly variable and depends on a number of factors including quantities of drug involved,pleading guilty, previous offending history, and cooperation with the police.

So, in short,

Legal to buy and posess for personal use
Illegal to sell or supply.

legal to buy but illegal to sell.
makes perfect sense!

It might sound odd, but that's the law.

As a purchaser, you are not breaking the law.

It is the seller that is breaking the law by selling them. The law wishes to distinguish culpability between buyers and sellers.
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