Phil Collins - Take A Look At Me Now box set @ Tesco Glossop

Phil Collins - Take A Look At Me Now box set @ Tesco Glossop

Found 19th Nov
8 remastered albums.
Face Value
Hello, I Must Be Going
No Jacket Required
...But Seriously
Both Sides
Dance Into The Light
Going Back


I don't buy physical cds anymore but if I did I would be all over this. Heat from me 🔥

It is the same price at Sainsbury's I think.

Cd I presume not vinyl?

Remastered CD a crime against music.

Phil Collins is a crime against music

Also the same price in Morrisons

I liked ' Easy Lover' mostly due to Philip Bailey
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I went to take a look, but there was just an empty space!
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I really like phil collins not sure whether to get this you can't hurry love.

hoverdonkey2 h, 9 m ago


Remasters usually have clipping and reduced dynamic range compared to the originals. Basically following the modern trend to make everything sound persistently loud and punchy.

On the downside you lose the subtle nuances of the recording and they're generally fatiguing to listen to, particularly on headphones.

I've been waiting for this moment ...........

Bandicoot6 h, 24 m ago

Phil Collins is a crime against music

and that's why we don't all work at Marks and Spencer

Agreed plus I personally don’t wear Farrell trousers or arran sweaters , geography teacher look never appealed to me plus I think Phil might be an offender

Gollywood23 h, 44 m ago

Says '8 CD' in image

Mmm, must be my dodgy iPad res. Cos all that text is a blur? That's why I asked the question! Thanks for clarifying though.
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