Philadelphia Collector's Edition DVD £2 instore @ Tesco

Philadelphia Collector's Edition DVD £2 instore @ Tesco

Found 31st Aug 2009Made hot 31st Aug 2009
** The DVD has a diffrent cover to the one pictured - it' has a 2009 design, but I couldn't find it on any sites**

Up-and-coming young lawyer Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) has just been fired by his prestigious law firm. They say he hasn't got what it takes. Andrew knows it's because he's got AIDS.

Determined to defend his professional reputation, Andrew hires fierce, brilliant personal-injury attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) to sue his former employers for wrongful dismissal. Joe is initially reluctant to take on the case. Although he as grown up knowing the pain of prejudice, he's never had to confront his own prejudices against homosexuality and AIDS...until now.

One man is fighting for his reputation, his life and for justice. The other is battling to overcome his own and society's ignorance and fear. 'Philadelphia' is one of the most powerful and critically acclaimed movies of our time.


great film!

FYI. I've seen the cover, you mention. It's white rather than the black one pictured, and i think has a blue title.

Great Film. Would recommend it.

Saw this in ASDA tonight, I'm sure it was either £2 or £3 there as well. Had a load of other decent priced DVDs as well.
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