Philips 111 DECT Cordless Phone + AN200 Digital Answering Machine (for 1p) - £14.69 or less delivere

Philips 111 DECT Cordless Phone + AN200 Digital Answering Machine (for 1p) - £14.69 or less delivere

Found 31st Aug 2006
Philips 111 DECT Cordless Phone + AN200 Digital Answering Machine is £14.69 or less delivered !!!!

Super dooper deal at ....

Edit: Price now is £17.69 delivered

I have this Philips 111 DECT Cordless Phone, which is amazing for the reception & sound quality. Downside ? No colour screen & backlit. But at this price along with a 'Global Access' Answering machine for just 1p (bundle deal)- who would refuse ?

The Phillips DECT 111 is everything consumers expect from a phone: enjoy simplicity through straightforward and intuitive functions, enjoy clear conversations with Philips excellent sound quality, enjoy a nice looking phone with quality finishing.

Philips' unique Crystal Sound System (CS²) audio technology improves the sound quality of Philips DECT phones. CS² audio quality is demonstrably better than competitive DECT products and brings with it distinct benefits.Instead of the traditional aggressive "buzzer" ringers, instrumental melodies are a more pleasant way to let you know when someone is calling.If you want to know who's calling you before you answer the call, then Caller Identification is for you. You can see the number (or the name) of the person calling, allowing you to decide whether to answer the phone or not.Caller Identification cannot disclose the number if the number is withheld, or unavailable. This service is country and network dependant, and requires a subscription to your network operator.
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[SIZE=2][SIZE=1]Very nice price for this edi ... thanks[/SIZE] :thumbsup: [/SIZE]
The answering machine alone was £9.46 delivered last week

[SIZE=2]The AN200 has remote access and can be accessed from anywhere on the globe to retrieve & delete messages. It's even possible to change the outgoing message by remote access operation.[/SIZE]
Thanks Cat
Nice find edi - just too late for me though, bought my Panasonic DECT last week
Looks good, I needed a new phone/answering machine and didn't expect a decent cordless for this price.

Only £9.99 if you don't count delivery, and I don't because I added it to an existing order!
Thanks jaknap & 0d0d

Still around if anyone needs...
Cost me £15.87 so has the price gone up?

Still can't complain
Thanks Edi
You didn't select super saver delivery Greggo! Not much difference in price though
Hmmm, coming in at £17.69 (with Super Saver delivery selected).

What's going on?
Price has gone up by £3
Back to £14.69 at the moment, with Supersaver Delivery.
I've got it now and I'm very happy with it. The phone seems very good. As the ebuyer review says, the only downside is you can't add handsets to it in the future - I assumed I'd be able to even though I don't plan to for a few years.

Very good value and you can probably share that super saver delivery with other items, making it basically a tenner for an answering machine and a very decent digital cordless phone.
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