PHILIPS 227E4LHAB Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor £99.99 at CURRYS/PCWORLD

PHILIPS 227E4LHAB Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor £99.99 at CURRYS/PCWORLD

Found 28th Dec 2014
New Philips monitor. Got myself one today, pretty good entry level.

Equipped with built-in speakers and Full HD image quality, the Philips 227E4LHAB Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor makes a fantastic addition to your desktop computing or entertainment setup.

Let LED lead the way

Fitted with white LEDs, the 227E4LHAB reaches full brightness faster, minimising wait times at startup.

Enjoy better dimming control of the LCD backlight, which gives you much higher contrast ratios and superior colour reproduction. LEDs don't contain any mercury, making for eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

Cinematic high quality

This 16:9 display offers resolution levels of 1920 x 1080p for the best-possible picture. Because it supports 1080p signals from all HD sources including Blu-ray players and games consoles, it's future-proof.

Upgraded signal processing supports this elevated signal quality and resolution for progressive scan pictures that are free from flicker and defined by excellent brightness and colours.

A fast response time of 2 ms keeps things looking natural and working conveniently. Philips-exclusive SmartResponse overdrive technology automatically adjusts response times to specific applications like gaming and movies, which call for faster response times for images free from judder, time-lag and ghosting.

There are two 2 W speakers built into the screen to eliminate desktop clutter and augment all your entertainment with clear audio.

Perfectly pitched pictures

The Philips 227E4LHAB features intelligent image processing facilities, including exclusive SmartImage Lite technology which analyses onscreen content for best results.

Choose the scenario you want or that's appropriate, and let SmartImage Lite dynamically enhance contrast, colour saturation and sharpness to make videos and images look as good as they can be. This ultimate display performance is just a button press away.

Elsewhere, TrueVision uses a sophisticated algorithm to test and align the monitor display to levels some four times more accurate than Windows sRGB requirements. This also gives you wonderful colour and image quality.

High-definition connections

The Philips 227E4LHAB Full HD Monitor offers an HDMI input to accept high-grade digital video and audio signals via a single cable from a PC or various AV sources like set-top boxes, DVD players, A/V receivers and video cameras.

There's also a VGA port supplied, so you can easily connect the monitor to your desktop computer or use it as an auxiliary display for your TV or computing setup. It's fitted with intelligent, touch-sensitive icons instead of protruding buttons, allowing you to adjust screen settings with even the lightest touch – a truly modern feature.

Finished with an elegant design that complements your home, the Philips 227E4LHAB Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor is a crystal-clear, high performance device to help bring your entertainment and computing to life.

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You could get a 24" monitor from ebuyer for the exact price with hdmi (brand: HannsG)

or with VGA + DVI:

Philips 243V5LSB
Acer K242HL 24"
Acer 24" V246HLbd
Asus VS247NR

Acer G246HYL

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It's personally avoid Philips monitors, they never get great reviews. As above, lots of options for the price. Sorry op
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