Philips 32PFL5605H/05 - 32" Widescreen Full HD LED TV - £399.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Philips 32PFL5605H/05 - 32" Widescreen Full HD LED TV - £399.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 23rd Jan 2011
Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
Entertainment comes to life with brilliant LED picture performance

Live the moment as if you were there with Pixel Plus HD and an impressive invisible sound.
Pixel Plus HD

Pixel Plus HD offers the unique combination of ultimate sharpness, natural detail, vivid colours and smooth natural motion on all qualities of HD, standard TV signals and multimedia content, for high definition displays. Artefacts and noise in all sources from multimedia to standard TV and also in highly compressed HD are detected and reduced ensuring that the picture is clear and razor sharp.
Diagram of LED display
Unique Philips technology brings the motion sharpness of LCD displays to an unprecedented level

LED lighting technology is the most advanced available. In this TV it combines an eye-catching minimalistic design with stunning image quality, as well as being the lowest power consumption in its category. Another environmental benefit is that LED lighting technology does not contain hazardous materials. With an LED backlight you can enjoy low power consumption, high brightness, incredible contrast and sharpness and vibrant colours.
100 Hz LCD, 2 ms response time

100 Hz LCD creates extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images even with fast on-screen motion. It increases the sharpness of motion reproduction to more than twice that of conventional LCD, resulting in a performance with a response time of 2 milliseconds (measured in Perceived Blur-Edge-Width; BEW). This unique Philips technology brings the motion sharpness of LCD displays to an unprecedented level.
HD Natural Motion

Philips invented HD Natural Motion to minimise juddering effects that are visible with movie-based picture content. The award winning algorithm estimates motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc). The resulting smooth motion reproduction and excellent sharpness take the viewing experience to a higher level.
diagram of 600hz
Virtual 2.1 speaker system manages power intelligently to deliver twice original power and produce an excellent bass
2.1 sound system 40 W

Virtual 2.1 speaker system for an incredible 40 W sound (2 x 10 W + 20 W Virtual Power). This virtual 2.1 speaker system manages power intelligently to deliver twice the original power supplied and produces an excellent bass. Enjoy the purity and detailed sound with the additional dome tweeter which delivers uncompromised sound in a slim invisible speaker design.
3 HDMI inputs with Easylink

HDMI is a single cable to carry both picture and audio signals from your devices to your TV, saving you from cable clutter. It carries uncompressed signals, ensuring that you have the highest quality from source to screen. Together with Philips Easylink, you need only one remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray, set top box or home theatre system. Enjoy high quality picture and sound without clutter or fuss.
USB (multimedia)

The USB connector allows access to jpeg photos, mp3 music and video files of most USB-sticks (USB memory-class device). Plug the USB into the slot at the side of the TV and access the multimedia content using the easy on screen content browser. You can now view and share your videos, photos and music.
Integrated DVB tuner MPEG-4

The integrated digital tuner lets you receive digital cable and terrestrial TV without an additional set top box. Enjoy quality TV clutter free.
Zero watt power consumption

Enjoy savings on your electricity bill by using the build-in power switch on this TV. This leads to no power consumption, without having to unplug the power cord from the wall.
Box Contains
# 32" TV
# Table top stand, Quick start guide, Registration card, Warranty Leaflet, Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, Safety/legal instructions, Software declaration
Product Description

* Full HD
* Pixel Plus HD
* HD Natural Motion
* 100Hz
* Black


Seems a hot price for the spec, but not sure how good it is in terms of its reviews from the AV experts. I'm a bit out of touch with how good Philips tellys are these days (although I did have an impressive Philips 26" CRT, when the Scart connection was only just out, and it lasted 11 years).

Anyway, I'll stop reminiscing; have some heat OP

They don't make em like they used to erroll.
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