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Philips 55OLED856 - 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV Freeview Play - £799 VIP Members (Possibly £789) @ Richer Sounds

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Personally think this is an excellent deal... 😃

Available to everyone with a FREE VIP Membership.

This usually costs a lot more and is a genuine bargain imho for the sheer quality it offers.

Fantastic picture, full 4-Sided immersive Ambilight, Great built-in sound - and backed up by customer service of Richer Sounds with a 6 Year guarantee.

Sign up for a free VIP membership if you haven't already got one and price will show. If it's your first time registering it is also possible to get the TV for £789 as you should get an extra tenner off your first purchase over £100

If in doubt, this comes with a 100 day free trial and you can get a full refund if you're not happy with the telly 😃:

Richer Sounds More details at Richer Sounds
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    I was told they wouldn't add the extra £10 VIP discount to the order. Anyone else get it added successfully?
    Yeah… I did
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    I've been to look at this today, also the Sony bravia 55xra80, the LG C2 and the Samsung S95b.

    Cannot decide what to do! I initially liked the S95b, but the blacks didn't look as good next to the C2. They didn't have this model, but the other similar Phillips were very impressive.

    I would mainly use the TV for streaming services and sport. I don't have a soundbar.

    Someone please tell me what to do 🙈
    Not having a soundbar, and using TV mainly for streaming services and sports, I would go for the Philips. Built-in sound is really good on 8 series philips in my experience. You have 100 day trial available on this TV if you then decide for some reason it is not for you
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    I’ve got a lower end Philips LED TV and after sales, technical support are shocking and updates to fix ongoing issues are non existent. I’ve reported multiple software faults with menu system that sometimes opens apps and sometimes doesn’t and random switching off and they don’t give a toss.

    Originally made curry’s replace it and it’s the same, software rather than single TV issue, technical even had me usb record the issues and submit, but 3 years later all still there and no software fixes.
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    We all know the sound on new TVs isn't great however I am impressed with this, it has a large bass speaker on the back of the TV and as mine is wall mounted the sound is sufficient for a second TV in the kitchen.

    Ambilight is brilliant, I thought it was just a gimmick but stayed in an Airbnb with one there and convinced us to get one for ourselves.
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    Price gone up to £999. Expired
    Confirmed, just spoke to telesales and they cannot do £799 :-(
  6. Avatar
    Good deal but it's 2 years guarantee
    Thanks will edit
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    Tempted too.. wanted to go up to 65" but that looks like it's no longer available and the other Philips 65" OLED on RS (the 807) is over a grand more at £1899.
    100 day free trial on this is a sweet option to road test the TV during the winter!!
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    Anyone had sound sync issues with this TV? I've got a 2019 inch model and the audio is later than the picture when using the native apps. Strangely enough I don't seem to notice it when using my external BT freeview box
    I have this issue too
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    Can’t speak for this exact model, but I had the 804 and have just upgraded to the 807 with richer sounds and both TV’s are amazing! Picture quality is A1 and the P5 picture engine is the best on the market! Ambilight makes a lot more difference than you expect with movies too! thumbs up from me!
    How much did you get the 807 for?
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    I bought one of these last year in the BF sale, Paid £1099 for it with the 6 year warranty, Best TV that i have owned by far and i had the Pioneer Kuro 500A , Only thing that i don't like is the 10 minute cleaning process every 6 hours, Apart from that , Connected to a good sound system and its far better than anything else on the market and yes, i did try the high end TV with the B&W sound bar and i sent it back, It was not worth the money

    I bought one of these last year in the BF sale, Paid £1099 for it with the 6 year warranty, Best TV that i have owned by far and i had the Pioneer Kuro 500A , Only thing that i don't like is the 10 minute cleaning process every 6 hours, Apart from that , Connected to a good sound system and its far better than anything else on the market and yes, i did try the high end TV with the B&W sound bar and i sent it back, It was not worth the money (edited)
    I only wish they would put the 6 year warranty on it this year.

    I just don't understand it!
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    Why is it only a 2 year guarantee?
    Perhaps they've done this to shave price down - I'll probably call them tomorrow
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    Is this a better deal than the LG posted earlier?
    Which one?
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    I was going to post this deal for the 65 inch....then noticed it was no longer available 😪 as it was only £1100 what a deal and gutted they had none left. This price for a 55 is brilliant
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    This is a great deal but is a 2021 model. The 2022 models have 7 at the end.
  15. Avatar
    I have a 2021 model, it’s great.

    The only downside is that the TV element is quite sluggish, especially the EPG. Who watches TV nowadays though? (edited)
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    Got the email for this yesterday. Was very excited then realised it was only a 2 year warranty.
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    One of Philips very good models
  18. Avatar
    that is an unbelievable deal!

    just to add, this model now has an update allowing 4k HDR VRR at 120hhz (edited)
    Do you have a source for this? I'm very pleased if this is the case.
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    I have last year's model 55OLED806, this is the latest version, a stonking TV and a stonking deal.
    Picture, sound, ambilight....all brilliant. I used to always buy Panasonic tv's but Philips for me from now on.
    Nothing to lose here, return after 100 days if not delighted. (edited)
    As far as I'm aware this is the same as 806, just the stand is different
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    How did you order ? Over phone or at store
    Over the phone.., only downside is you have to get it delivered.. no collection… 5/6 days
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    Brilliant TV, I bought this Philips TV over 6 month ago and it had never disappointed me.
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    2 years warranty otherwise i'd buy
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    Thanks, been waiting for a 4 sided Ambilight as we are hanging the TV on the wall.
    TV was on display, picture looked fantastic and ended up picking one up from the local store. TV in the box fitted in a small hatchback. (edited)
    Hope you enjoy it mate - 4 sided looks great on the wall (three looks great too, but 4 is perfect). Good to know box also fits in small hatchback 😃
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    Last year model lacks 120VRR and DV at more than 60Hz on HDMI
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    Bit odd having to order via phone, what year haven’t I been transported to?

    You’d think they would let you buy online too without having to phone them.
    That was my thoughts exactly.. I actually didn’t believe it..was searching for the answer…no! Phone only!
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    I've been waiting for this exact model to come on sale!! Woohoo! Ordered. Thanks for posting
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    I have this TV, unfortunately I'm an ambilight fanboy so I'm kind of locked into Philips.

    I absolutely love this TV. Its incredible.
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    Always fancied trying an Ambilight. Had a deal lined up on a 55" S95B to pick up today from Currys, but today RS have the 65" at under £1400, the 55" C2 under a grand and now this. I only told them to blow the bleedin doors off

    What to do?
    These are tough decisions!! But nice ones 😃
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    I can’t seem to sign up to become a VIP member?
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    I've gone for this, but confused by the earlier comment about the washing process. I can't find anything about this, other than this from the TV manual:

    OLED refreshing process
    Settings > General settings > Shop setup >OLED refreshing process.
    Select Refresh OLED (every 4 hours) to refresh yourOLED TV screen every 4 hours. Select Off to switchoff OLED refreshing process. Switching off thisprocess may result in image retention, which mayvoid your warranty.

    What is it, I can only find people talking about cleaning TVs, and not a "washing process" for OLED? I suppose if this is a problem, the 100 day trial will save me.
    What comment? Do not disable that. All OLEDs run an automatic pixel refresh on standby after 4 hours of use. Asking for trouble if you disable this.
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    How does this tv compare with the likes of the Samsung OLED and Sony 80xj?
  32. Avatar
    This or a lg CS for £765?
    tough choice, I didn't think I'd enjoy the Ambilight so much but now after using it everything else just doesn't appear immersive enough 
  33. Avatar
    Will Currys price match this?
    Has Currys got the same TV?
  34. Avatar
    Do you know if there's a delivery cost for telesales?
    I tried to call the shop but the delivery cost was really high due to the distance from the store
    Standard delivery is free. Express is £19.99
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