Philips 56PFL9954H WIFI Networked 21:9 LCD TV with 5 Year Guarantee £1,649.95p (£2,350 off RRP) @ Superfi
Philips 56PFL9954H WIFI Networked 21:9 LCD TV with 5 Year Guarantee £1,649.95p (£2,350 off RRP) @ Superfi

Philips 56PFL9954H WIFI Networked 21:9 LCD TV with 5 Year Guarantee £1,649.95p (£2,350 off RRP) @ Superfi

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Fantastic reviews and a true cinematic experience, I can't believe how fast the price has dropped... even quicker than my jaw! With ambilight and 5 year guarantee it seems an amazing deal. This really tests the 3D v's 21:9 argument!

Ever noticed how when you watch a DVD or Blu-ray movie on a standard widescreen TV, you get black bars at the top and bottom of the screen? This is because most movies are filmed with an aspect ratio of 21:9 (also known as 2.39:1 or Cinemascope), whilst most widescreen TVs have a ratio of 16:9. In other words, the movie picture is wider than the TV screen. But now Philips presents the 56PFL9954H - the world's first 21:9, cinema proportioned TV.

Perfect for wall-mounting, the 56PFL9954H is a 56" LCD television which is fully HD ready, supporting full 1080p resolutions. With no black bars and a picture which fills the screen, the TV delivers DVD and Blu-ray movies in all their glory, with amazing levels of detail, smooth, fluid motion thanks to 200Hz technology, and rich, vivid colours. Partner with a high-quality Blu-ray player and prepare to be amazed - it's as close as you can get to a cinema in your home. The cinematic experience is further enhanced by Philip's 'Ambilight Spectra 3' system which softly illuminates the wall behind the TV with a colour and intensity of light which matches the picture on the screen. For example, if a film cuts to a jungle scene, a green light is emitted, or if a desert scene is shown, an orange light is projected onto the wall. This effective system makes movies even more immersing and atmospheric, so you'll feel even more a part of the action.

There's much more to this TV than just a big, super-wide screen. To start with there's an integrated Freeview tuner which gives you access to a host of fantastic digital channels. Plus, with no less than 5 HDMI inputs, you can easily connect Sky boxes, games consoles or AV receivers. There are also fantastic network features. The 56PFL' has both wired Ethernet and wireless networking built-in, so you can connect it to your home network and Internet connection. This lets you access Philip's NetTV system which, among other things, lets you watch YouTube videos. You can also stream media such MP3 and WMA music, MPEG, MPEG4 and WMV movie and JPEG photo files from your networked computer or DLNA compatible device. These files can also be played from USB devices such as memory sticks or portable MP3 players.

Perfect for movie buffs, those wanting a true cinema-proportioned picture, or anyone who wants a stylish, big-screen, feature packed TV, the Philips 56PFL9954H is a stunning entertainer.

The 56PFL9954H also comes with a 5 year guarantee at no extra charge. Details on how to register for your guarantee can be found in the box.


thats the dream right there!

that dream is £1000 too expensive for me ;-)
Edited by: "parad1gm" 7th Oct 2010

No freeview HD... cold from me !

Such a daft idea I'm surprised they're still that much to be honest, I mean, how much 21:9 material is there on TV these days?

...totally ridiculous, they'll be trying to flog us 3D sets soon that require you to wear £100+ glasses in your own home...over the top of your prescription glasses!!!

...what a bizarre time we're going through X)
Edited by: "Krinkle" 7th Oct 2010

contrast ratio is a poor 80,000

Edited by: "alanino64" 7th Oct 2010

Still mega expensive,there are some great sets out there for well under a grand

This was cheaper a few months ago, about £1200 I think. Do a search and you should find it.

According to my trusty old calculator, that makes the screen about 22" high. So for people who want to watch TV at 16:9 on this, it's the equivalent of a 45 or 46 inch "normal" telly.
It sounds like an awful lot of money to spend above what a 47-incher would cost, just to get rid of the black bands when watching films - only to have them replaced by bands on each side when watching TV

Original Poster

If you have Sky HD then no Freeview HD is not even an issue. Many people don't like the experience of having to watch 3D TV with glasses, so this is a better alternative to get a cinematic experience in that respect. Please post if you can find it anywhere near this price or cheaper.

Not forgetting; Ambilight, an integrated sub-woofer, WiFi, and 5 year guarantee.

For me, this would be the dog's [email protected][email protected]%&$ on the wall! When you can get 21:9 active 3D for this price price then you have a point!
Edited by: "coathanger" 7th Oct 2010

£1,499 Richer Sounds - (instore customers only)
£1,499 Digital Direct 'in stock' - digitaldirect.co.uk/phi…tml

Cold from me , sorry!

This TV gets cracking reviews everywhere so for £1499 (above) thats a great price as for all the rubbish about the black lines, well yes for tv not great but for blue ray movies would be fantastic and thats basically the idea behind this tv. I would also like to see Ambilight that projects over a larger distance ie right across a wall maybe with settings to change how far it projects to match your room, against a blank wall with no other objects this would then be a great viewing experience.

Edited by: "mark7402" 7th Oct 2010

wow that is soo much
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