Philips 6100 sonicare toothbrush - £90 @ Philips Shop

Philips 6100 sonicare toothbrush - £90 @ Philips Shop

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Posted 9th Oct
Don't shoot me. £90 for a toothbrush is ridiculous but this is the best price online. £15 cheaper than boots and amazon.
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ellenw09/10/2019 10:40

£81 with 10% code …£81 with 10% code HX6859/17 / £54 with code

So a completely different toothbrush then for £54
Having had electric toothbrushes for over 40 years both Braun and Philips I would say that Philips currently have the edge but apart from fancy gum care and whitening programmes that after a few weeks you won't use they are all the same so buy the cheapest you can find and never pay more than half "normal" price, if it isn't on offer it will be soon. My current one was about £40 from John Lewis and with a 2 year warranty I hve had it replaced 3 times, once I got a refund because it was on special offer so having paid money around 6 or 7 years ago I have a 1 year old brush. If you use them for about 3 or 4 minutes twice a day they are fine for about 18 months and then shake themselves to pieces inside (applies to top and bottom of price range) which is handy because they are still in warranty and the clock starts again at John Lewis anyway. That's my experience take it or leave it. Finally on brush heads, they are also on offer regularly so keep an eye out and try not to care if colour doesn't match, just picked a 4 pack on Amazon for less than half price in black £25, I think the white were £54!
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