Philips 7-in-1 Waterproof Mens Grooming Kit (Beard/Stubble/Body Trimmer/Hair Clipper) - £19.99 @ Amazon (Prime / £23.98 non Prime)

Philips 7-in-1 Waterproof Mens Grooming Kit (Beard/Stubble/Body Trimmer/Hair Clipper) - £19.99 @ Amazon (Prime / £23.98 non Prime)

Found 7th Jun 2017
This is the Amazon Prime price. Seems like a well rounded cordless trimmer that could be used "all over". Not in stock until 10 June. Lowest price it's been on Amazon and seems to be selling for £30-35 most other places online. Long charge time - 10hrs to get 60 mins use - but for someone who is not using it everyday then this will be adequate. I've taken the plunge.
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Ordered this yesterday when on the deals of the day. Sounds alright for the money.
Great !!!!!
"Usually dispatched between 2-5 weeks"
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Thank you. Ordered.

"Usually dispatched between 2-5 weeks"

That's a shame, must have had a little surge of orders to push that back as mine is expected 12 June. Might still be worth it unless you must have it for Father's Day!
£25 in argos and collect today
34.50 now

34.50 now

Still £19.99 if you have Prime
Very good grooming machine, I got mine when it was £25, charge last very long
Honestly its the best all round trimmer you can get. Trims everything neatly
Bought one 6months+ ago (think an older model) and it is brilliant, way better than an i-stubble I'd paid £90 for! Highly recommend!
Nice beard trimmer. I doubt I will use all the special attachments - I just need one for my beard and use it without an attachment for other touchup areas (ears, etc.). But it works well, is solidly built, nice size and weight.
Ordered, thanks
This price in Boots for ages

This price in Boots for ages

You mean this boots…298 where it's £29.99?
Just ordered one, thanks OP.
Will be delivered 22 Jun. 2017 - 8 July 2017
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10 hour charge for 60 min use?

No thanks.

10 hour charge for 60 min use?No thanks.…5_t

1 hour charge for 50 min use
Back up now!
Still available if you have Prime.
rev6 hour charge for 50 … hour charge for 50 min use

This is the one I have, it's on the way out - got it a number of years ago though.
60 mins use is more than adequate for a couple of months worth of use unless you are a Yeti! An all over body trim takes less than a minute. Sculpting a beard may take longer but even then 60 mins use lasts ages. Charge overnight or put it on all day after use in the morning - it really isn't a hardship - if you are organised you can even take it to work and charge it on company electricity. Nearly double the cost to be able to charge in 1hr!? Can see the plus points of a fast charge for a power tool or phone but not so sure a beard trimmer needs it and certainly not for double the cost.
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