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Posted 3 March 2023

Philips 75PML9636/12 75 Inch Mini LED 4K Ultra HD Smart Ambilight TV £1299.99 @ Costco

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Features- 4K UHD with HDR, HDR 10+, HLG
- Built-in 3.1.2 Soundbar, Dolby Atmos
- Bluetooth 5.0
- 4 Sided Ambilight Feature
- 5 Year Warranty Included
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  1. BraddersJ's avatar
    This is what I paid for mine just after BF.
    Overall I'm very happy at the price I paid.
    Wayyy better than an OLED* (for my specific use case in a bright south facing room where I don't want to close the blinds every time I turn the TV on).

    I don't think you'll find something as bright as this in this size at this price point any time soon(?)

    I'm quite happy with it:
    -soundbar is wicked - fills the room in an incredible way and is crisp most of the time
    -wicked bright - I can use mine in direct sunlight in my south facing room without closing the blinds (this was my #1 requirement)
    -black levels are incredible/spot on ('you'd think it's OLED unless you had one side by side')
    -metal construction means it really does feel like a premium device
    -no burn in risk
    -obviously Ambilight is incredible

    What I don't like so much:
    -the dimming algo isn't perfect: there is far too much black crush. I've improved this somewhat with settings from AVForums user's but increasing gamma anymore etc adds further defects
    -the soundbar isn't entirely punchy as such - it's great at filling the air with bass but I expected a little more for some reason. It seems to lack somewhat at louder listening levels. I feel I need to add a subwoofer (can add with wireless DTS PlayFi) but now I think of it, I'm sure this is only an issue when listening to music/for parties
    -possibly related to the first point, there can be a slight ghosting issue when coming from very bright to dark scenes or vice versa - as well as noticing the dimming zones in fast motion. This perhaps isn't a fair critique as it might just be a limitation of the Mini LED tech at this point?

    Note that it's heavy at nearly 45kg (edited)
    BraddersJ's avatar
    *apologies to all the raving-foam-mouthed-OLED-fanboys that this comment butthurt (edited)
  2. kernowden's avatar
    I have this TV....bought it for the same price over Christmas....

    1. Had an awful time getting the TV delivered....took almost a month and Costco couldnt care less...they use a 3rd party delivery company called Kinetic Logistics to deliver anything over 65 inch's, who only deliver to each part of the UK once a week and if they have too many deliverys in a certain area...just will leave it another week and not bother telling you, there is no way of contacting them either, so my TV was stuck in thier warehouse for over 3 weeks leaving me and my family with no Tv over the xmas period. After I rang Costco asking to cancel the order, I was told over the phone i couldnt cancel as it was no longer in there hands. After making a complaint, which i never even had a rresponse to the TV turned up a week later, by 2 young lads dragging it along the floor to my house, luckily the TV wasn't damaged.

    2. The TV looks amazing with some other Philips Hue lights ive set up, Sound bar is good IMO...and Dolby Vision for Disney and a Firestick is exactly what u want....however anything in HDR for me is practically unwatchable....no matter the settings its just way way too dark.... I try and look for things in 1080p that i want to watch rather than anything in 4K unless its dolby vision which is bright and colorful....noticed a lot of ghosting aswell...
    Overall it depends how fussy you are for the price....I don't regret buying the TV as like I say with the lights and the size its great....but i'm not sure i'd buy again after the issues I had. (edited)
    BraddersJ's avatar
    The black crush can be improved but admittedly not eliminated (or not without sacrificing the great black levels). There are a couple of user's suggestions settings on AVF but I'll type mine up later for you (edited)
  3. Anthonis's avatar
    I cant figure out how Philips manages to sell 2 year old tech, especially at such volumes. Normally new model tv's pre order only in UK now. Then 2 years later you get full stock.... So does that mean UK gets left overs? where are xxx7 when xxx8 already getting announced
    Current price for 9636 is more less what its worth, but not 2-3k when it was launched.... Considering OLED price drop and better brightness options coming surely mini led with be dropping down too. Not a secret algorithm managing backlight is duff on these plenty complaints on AVforums.
    BraddersJ's avatar
    You're bang on the money. Philips' 2023 approach is that Mini LED is the mid-high tier and OLED top tier.
    Some of the ML TVs have been specifically borked to not compete with the OLEDs (e.g. there's no direct replacement for the OP 75 with the B&W soundbar).

    I purchased this partially because I remember the price when it first came out and was stunned that I could now afford it
    And although it has it's faults, I kept it as I wanted a bright 75er at a grand.
    That wasn't realistic and I had to stretch to £1.3k but I justified it by seeing that any other 75er near this spec was nearer £2k which I wasn't willing to pay for something that's only used a few hours a day - with comparable OLEDs still at £3k.

    You say the algorithm but I think it's not as simple as that. If you look at the Sony X95K, that has its own issues (blooming) because it's gone the opposite way of Philips' algo.
    It seems Mini LED - whilst great for brightness and no burn in - has its own limitations, just like OLED.

    Ultimately, these are all stop gaps for Micro LED... (edited)
  4. simmo81's avatar
    Well my TV arrived without issue ,phone call 20 mins prior to arrival , quality of TV seems good , and as mentioned before it's a heavy TV

    I've always planned on wall mounting the TV with the the supplied soundbar ,despite using the supplied wall mounted soundbar bracket ,the phillips bracket protrudes approx 3 inches further than my flat wall mount bracket which I didn't expect. Due to this I'm unable to wall mount the TV with the supplied soundbar unless I either buy a really deep flat mount or mount the TV without the supplied soundbar and fixings ,Due to lack of reviews I didn't realise this and surprised it's been designed this way ,

    The sound bar supplied definitely needs a seperate sub in my opinion, personally my Samsung soundbar sounds far immersive ,due to above issues it seems a waste of a soundbar if I don't decide to wall mount just the TV .

    Also the supplied soundbar metal grill isn't perfectly flat on my soundbar only able to see in certain light ,seems a slight manufacturing fault rather than damage . Compared to my previous Philips ambilight the operating system seems responsive and not laggy , (edited)
    BraddersJ's avatar
    Not sure if I've understood your issue correctly. If I have then you're saying that you can't mount the TV with your old mount as it's a 'slim' mount?
    If so, that's by design. Ambilight needs 10cm distance from the wall, minimum, to work well.

    Agree with the soundbar. It's actually quite stellar and has me gobsmacked at how it fills the room with audio although the bass is only impressive at low volumes.
    It's almost as if they intended for you to buy a sub.

    I noticed a similar thing on the top grill of mine. I suppose it's almost supposed to be like as after I stressed about on the first day, I haven't even noticed or thought about since you mentioned it (e.g. because I'm never that close to the TV)
  5. IYBYISYL's avatar
    Hi, polite question
    How did you become aware of this advanced deal at Costco?
    As a member do you get advanced emails etc?
    BigDom's avatar
    Yes I get an email. Usually around Thursday night. I get an advert of offers and a link to the offer book. Like this link below.

  6. simmo81's avatar
    Added a revel b8 subwoofer to the TV today ,
    Matches with my media cabinet and compliments the soundbar perfectly , It's not overpowering but bass is definitely now present as seemed none existent prior to the sub .

    49872887-M78lz.jpg (edited)
  7. BraddersJ's avatar

    For anyone looking for more info, there were some clever people in the previous HUKD threads (check both 65 and 75 - I think the 65 had all the geek info).

    Also the AVForums thread (long read) (don't forget the TV has had a few fw updates since the original comments)
    simmo81's avatar
    do you have this TV wall mounted? ,if so can you take a few pics from front and side on , as thinking of buying it , I've not long bought a decent soundbar ,are all the speakers built into the supplied Philips soundbar or are there some built into the TV itself ,Im wondering if it will need an seperate sub woofer ,thanks
  8. IYBYISYL's avatar
    Finally concluded that if I missed this TV I'd be miffed and so have ordered the 75"
    BraddersJ's avatar
    I cried when I missed the initial BF deal ngl!

    I'm sure you won't regret it
  9. IYBYISYL's avatar
    TV arrived yesterday.
    Kinetic delivery was excellent. I live quite local to HQ and so was first drop I think. I cant complain about my experience with them. Luck of the draw I guess?
    Jeez..its huge.
    I've only briefly had time to watch it and so havent attempted to adjust any settings. Out of the box looked good to me though.
    I'm pretty happy with my purchase 24 hours in.
    bluesuns2's avatar
    Glad you pleased with in mine is coming tomorrow 🤞
  10. Just.Wondering's avatar
    Anyone used the TV for 120 Hz and VRR for the PS5, I read of some users having issues as little as a month ago with VRR.
  11. IYBYISYL's avatar

    Do you know the panel on this 75"?
    BraddersJ's avatar
    Not off the top of my head but it's identical to the 65" if you find the specs for that (bar the dimming zones).

    I don't think panel types between Mini LED sets differ in the same model like they sometimes did for LCD sets - different tech?
  12. IYBYISYL's avatar

    Did costco deliver to inside your property? Do they offer an unbox/install service.
    I live alone and so this phases me a little?
    BraddersJ's avatar
    They did deliver in my property yup and they were happy to put it to where I pointed.

    I'm not sure about unboxing I'm afraid.

    The screen alone weighs nearly 40kg and as an average sized male it'd be too large to reach your hands around and grab.
    It'd be complete madness to even attempt to unbox and set up such an wieldly, expensive piece of hardware on your own.
    Which is exactly what I did :')

    The manual states you need a table to lay the TV on (face down). I guess it needs to be the same size or bigger than the TV so that it doesn't put pressure on the screen itself.
    I didn't have this luxury so I reclined my sofa and slid it onto those where I could attach the mount (5kg). This was quite a feat and nearly killed me pt1.
    Once that was done I shuffled my coffee table over (my TV unit was far taller than the sofa seating height so would be impossible to get it on there) and then it was a case of leveraging the TV onto that to stand up right. Obviously this is a twisting motion and with that sort of weight you should be mindful of the pressure on the screen but I managed to do it with no harm.

    It nearly killed me as I said, but I managed - it's now on the TV unit as pal's have been round since then to help me lift it on there.

    I guess it depends on your risk appetite although I figured it's technically closer to an LCD screen rather than an OLED in terms of fragility
  13. lordfakeclothes's avatar
    Bit the bullet and went for this. Now to consider whether I chase the walls or build a false wall to hide all the cabling
    BraddersJ's avatar
    If you build a false wall, surely you mean only a part would jut out (e.g. like a fireplace wall/with coving either side)?

    If so I personally wouldn't go with that as I wouldn't want to affect Ambilight (edited)
  14. porradude's avatar
    Hi all. Considering getting this from Costco. Been a few months since the last post so wondering whether anyones who bought it then has an updated review at all after owning it for a little while now?
    BraddersJ's avatar
    I think the only update to my mini review would be that I'd completely forgotten about the ghosting for a few months!
    As in, either I got used to it or the content I've been watching recently hasn't shown it so much

    So yes, still happy with my purchase - and I've yet to see any deal comparable to this size beat this one
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