Philips Airfryer - HD9220 black £75 instore @ Tesco Carrickfergus

Philips Airfryer - HD9220 black £75 instore @ Tesco Carrickfergus

LocalFound 19th Jul 2017
Philips airfryer HD9220 in black reduced to £75 from £179 in store @ Tesco Carrickfergus.

Doubtful many paid the £179 but at £75 it's a great deal for a great piece of kit. I couldn't do without mine!

Possibly on clearance to make way for the newest more expensive model. If this is the case there is a good chance it will be in several stores.

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Ha, Norn Iron represent!
These were in one of the Tescos in Sheffield yesterday.Not sure which store could find out though if it helps anyone.
These were £100 not long back, I got it half price for £50.
any in west yorkshire
People really get fooled by the reductions, I am not talking about the op in this, but when people see reduced sticker they just go crazy and buy, I have seen it in my local, when it is the normal white label, you'l find plenty of stock even though it is also reduced (if you keep up with the prices), as soon as it's reduced sticker even though it was the same price when it was white, they just buy. A very clever marketing ploy

I remember seeing this at £100 reduced to £70 not so long ago, now apparently it was £179 reduced to £75. Good price but clever marketing.
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