PHILIPS AJ4200 Clock Radio Charger - rrp £39.99 Now £14.97 @ PC World

PHILIPS AJ4200 Clock Radio Charger - rrp £39.99 Now £14.97 @ PC World

Found 7th Oct 2010
Wake up with the hi-tech AJ4200 Clock Radio from Philips. Combining bedside alarm clock with radio and mobile phone charger, this great device powers your mobile as you slumber – then wakes you up with your favourite station.

The Philips AJ4200 Clock Radio charges all kinds of mobile phone and comes equipped with connector tips for Motorola, Nokia (large and small connector types), and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, as well as any mobile device that recharges via a Mini USB plug.

The Philips AJ4200 Clock Radio lets you set two distinct alarms - one for weekdays and one for weekend lie-ins. Gently shepherding you into consciousness, the alarm increases slowly in volume, with either a buzzer or your chosen radio station.

harge your mobile phone while sleeping
The Philips AJ4200 not only wakes you with your favourite radio station, it also charges your mobile phone while you sleep. It comes with dual alarm with weekday and weekend settings and a big LCD display screen for easy reading.

Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer
Built-in storage compartment- never lose your connector tips
Designed with a built-in storage compartment for your charger connector tips, this feature ensures that the tips are stored away safely and neatly for your next use. It even comes with big and small size tips for different mobile phone models and also a connector for mini-USB devices.

Charge mobile phone and USB device in one go
This product conveniently doubles up as a charging device, allowing you to charge a maximum of two gadgets at the same time. Just plug in your mobile phone and another USB device or two of each before you turn in for the night, and your gadgets will be as powered up as you are in the morning when you wake up.

Supports major mobile phone brands and USB devices
The product functions as a charger for your mobile phone and USB device, powering your gadgets while you are sleeping. This feature brings you great convenience and supports major mobile phone brands for greater applicability.

Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer
Wake up to sounds from your favourite radio station or a buzzer. Simply set the alarm on your Philips Clock radio to wake you with the radio station you last listened to or choose to wake up with a buzzer sound. When the wake up time is reached, your Philips Clock radio will automatically turn on that radio station or trigger the buzzer to sound.

Dual alarm with weekday and weekend settings
Designed with modern day lifestyles in mind, this clock radio has a dual alarm feature, allowing you to set different alarm times for weekdays and weekends or even vary the alarm settings for couples. The alarm settings can be tailored for the same alarm times for the entire week from Monday to Sunday. Or you can set the alarm for an early start on weekdays from Monday to Friday, and lazy lie-ins for Saturday and Sundays. Whichever you choose, this convenient feature saves you from the hassle of fiddling with different alarm times every single night.

Gentle wake up call with an increasing alarm volume
Start your day the right way by waking up gently to a gradually increasing alarm volume. Normal alarm sounds with a pre-set volume are either too low to wake you up or are so uncomfortably loud that you are rudely jolted awake. Choose to wake up to your favourite music, radio station or buzzer alarm. Gentle wake's alarm volume gradually increases from subtly low to reasonably high in order to gently rouse you.

FM digital tuning with presets
Digital FM radio offers you additional music options to your music collection on your Philips audio system. Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorise the frequency. With preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favourite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.

Date and day-of-the-week display
The LCD displays date and day of the week clearly at a glance.
Box Contains
# Philips AJ4200/05 Clock Radio
# AC/DC Adapter
# Connector tips: Mini USB, Motorola, Nokia (big), Nokia (small), Sony Ericsson
# Quick start guide
# User Manual
- flintstone

also if they dont have it at your PCWorld try Currys…L-1

- flintstone
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[image missing]

Could this connect to my Iphone 4?
looks of for the money would like to know about above comment
also want to kno if it charges Iphone
Looks like you use your own lead and plug it into a USB socket on the clock. If so, yes, it'll work with anything that has a USB lead.
Hmmm think ill get one reserved cheers fella!
My son has one of these and it does not charge his i touch, but does play it sounds reasonable.
oh, im thinking the iphone 4 may not charge then....
Brought this for his bday last year in the clearance at Argos so i think it is quite old
how bright is the display

have something similar style (though not charging any devices, and diff make), though my model when on DIM, still lights up the room so would be interested if its not too bright

guess not, nearest is only 117miles away (Hamilton)

as per ukmonkey post i was able to reserve on at Currys…L-1

Edited by: "flintstone" 7th Oct 2010
I got one recently. Display is dimmable, even the lowest setting is still brighter than a LED display, radio quality is OK, but not the greatest. However it provides an extra 2 alarms to get me out of bed on early shifts and you can charge 2 things at once, 1 via the lead at the top with adapters and another by plugging whatever cable you have into the USB at the rear. With power hungry smart phones it's ideal, lets me start the day knowing it's fully charged.

I got one recently. Display is dimmable, even the lowest setting is … I got one recently. Display is dimmable, even the lowest setting is still brighter than a LED display,

thats what I was thinking, similar to the alarm clock I've got already (diff model)

thanks for the info, couldnt see them in my local store to judge myself
sound ain't good
not worth more.

bought 1 last time, returned it the next day
clock display is small and FM will be switched off in a few years, but I got one for £8 NEW not bad phone charger.
expired....Not available for Home Delivery Not available for Reservation - check in-store
Poor reviews and no battery backup,avoid
Still available at Currys for reserve and collect
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