Philips amBX products reduced at Play - Premium Kit:£249.99/Pro Kit:£199.99/Starter Kit:£139.99 + 4%

Philips amBX products reduced at Play - Premium Kit:£249.99/Pro Kit:£199.99/Starter Kit:£139.99 + 4%

Found 17th Oct 2007
All Philips amBX products (apart from the extension kit) are reduced at The following savings apply:

Premium Kit: RRP £289.99 reduced to £249.99 (Save £30)
Pro Gamer Kit: RRP £229.99 reduced to £199.99 (Save £30)
Starter Kit: RRP £149.99 reduced to £139.99 (Save £10)

From Philips' blurb:

amBX is a new 'experience' technology currently being added to PC games and PC gaming peripherals. amBX is shorthand for ambient experiences. Driving the next generation of home entertainment, its a scripting language, a software engine and architecture.

But its what amBX does that makes all the difference.

With amBX, games and peripherals providing surround lighting, sound, vibration, air movement and other effects work in harmony together. The result is an incredibly immersive experience bringing game play into the room.

This same technology will be added into movies, music, web and other entertainment media in the near future.

Immersion and Interaction

If youre a gamer, the virtual world reaches out from your screen. You feel the action: the movement of vehicles, shifts in lighting, rumbling explosions, ricocheting bullets, wind in your face. The mix of ambient lighting, vision, sound and tactile sensations mean the gaming experience will never be the same.

The applications of amBX are only limited by the imagination and creativity of content creators and, ultimately, end users. Just imagine ambient room lighting and other changes tied-in to your favourite music, to web content, interactive toys and games, books, or even to reflect the time of day and your changing moods?

An amBX-enabled world is starting to emerge around you Bringing a new dimension to entertainment.

If youre into movies and DVDs, amBX will take you into the action through the use, ambient surround lighting that feeds your senses in the same way surround sound heightens the audio experience.

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Couple of photos from the amBX site:

Check out the games viral too, its funny:…ral

stupidest. technology. ever.



stupidest. technology. ever.:P

Thats what they said about Ambilight............................
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