Philips AZ1033 (Portable CD/cassette/radio with remote control) £19.95

Philips AZ1033 (Portable CD/cassette/radio with remote control) £19.95

Found 7th Oct 2006
1 per customer

This isn't the first portable stereo we've offered, but it's certainly the best!

Featuring repeat, shuffle, MP3 playback and 20-track (10 MP3) programming, the Philips AZ1033's CD player has got the lot and, thanks to a multi-function LCD display, it's easy to use, too.

The tuner features FM and MW. In addition to all this there's a handy cassette deck and even a full remote control!

With Dynamic Bass Boost and stereo speakers, the sound might not be hi-fi but, at this price, it blows all other portables into the weeds!

Add in Philips' legendary style and engineering finesse and it's clear that the Philips AZ1033 is set to be another massive hit!

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