Philips DA1102 Sports Gear Radio with 1GB MP3 Player At Argos

Philips DA1102 Sports Gear Radio with 1GB MP3 Player At Argos

Found 26th Jul 2008
Found this Dab Radio, at £29.99 think it's a great deal, i've reserved one and will be getting it tomorrow. Cheapest Personal Dab Radio i have found, room for a few hundred mp3 songs too.

Portable solid state.

2 x 3mW power output.

Up to 10 hours playback.

1GB memory.

Stores up to 250 MP3/500 WMA tracks.

MP3/WMA compatible.

LCD display.

DAB tuner (band III).

Digital tunning.

20 preset stations.

DAB auto time update.

DAB features - auto scan.

2.0 USB port.

USB cable supplied.

Software supplied.

Minimum PC specification Windows XP (SP2).

Built in microphone

In ear stereo headphones (supplied).

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).

Weight 240g.

Size (H)9.5 , (W)5.9, (D)1.75cm


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Why are people voted this cold?

It's a good price, for a decent DAB/MP3 player - cheaper than you can get it on eBay.

Be warned though, it's *very* flimsy.

Still - a good price!

I got one of these last time Argos were selling them cheap (either 24.99 or 29.99, can't remember which).

They're OK at what they do, just OK - but good for the money at this price.

mp3 player isn't particularly good, the thing seems to half-recognise m3u files, but doesn't do anything with them, so there's no playlist support, although the manual says there is, and it appears to recognise the file - just won't do anything with them.

I have no other portable DAB radio to compare it with, but with reasonable length head / earphone cables, seems to get reasonable reception, so for the money, a DAB for on the move and 1G for mp3s is none too shabby for £29.99.

Have some heat....

this is a good price for this, i've had it since the £24.99 offer at Argos last year, the DAB radio works very well, I use it in an office full of computers and electronic equipment and never have any issues with it.

The MP3 player is fine, not as full of features as a dedicated mp3 player, but works well - Although i'd suggest not using it for podcasts of more than a few minutes, as when you pause for more than a few minutes, it goes back to the start of the track.

Yeah, I got this for £24.99 a few months ago. It's not too bad, and just an OK price. It has been cheaper.

Beware-Bought one of these when on offer c 6months ago -kept losing my mp3 tracks for one reason or another - and had to get my money back as none left in stock thereafter-also would agree that it is slightly flimsily built.


Weedy, tinny sound and a stunningly useless EQ/tone control. (Just applies varying amounts of muffling.)

Display: lousy contrast, hard to read, tiniest text I've ever seen on DAB.

Menu system: clunky, idiotic.

Scan for new station, it wipes your favourites, which took EONS to store.

MP3: Useless for podcasts or any long piece. Painfully s-l-o-w FF and REW. And track returns to start instead of remembering where you left it.

Dear at half the price. Any price.
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