Philips DAB Radio for only £15 @ ASDA
Philips DAB Radio for only £15 @ ASDA

Philips DAB Radio for only £15 @ ASDA

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Philips AE 5200 DAB Radio for only £15 @ ASDA Dagenham. These are £39.99 on Amazon.


Got one of these DABS and would recommend it, especially at this price.

Can't find on website :S, brand is better but if your using it for its portability, then remember it takes 6AA batts, they are doing another 1 for £15 which I have seen loads in store, although they say its a web deal:
You have to give the store the item code, otherwise they cant locate it -
Catalogue number: 596-895


Good price... well spotted san

Sounds good. Sorry

Hot!,would love one of these, no doubt they wont
have them in Walsall! though.

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well its been in use for 3 hours now and I can safely say its well worth the money.

Just called our local Asda and they don't have them. Not surprised really as they never have any of these deals. Was told that Upper management don't think it's a big enough store. It's large enough to house tv's white goods, small kitchen appliances and a full clothing section etc, how big does it have to be???

I have one, got it from asda for £17 before xmas, excellent for use in the kitchen, only one speaker though, normally use it with ac adaptor but found batteries laster well too when using it in bathroom.

This deal as fair history in the past posted at £27.

I'm interested but read through the other threads comments. this one concerned me and went unanswered thought. Does anyone know if this is an issue in this case?

Might be an idea to check whether it's upgradeable to DAB+. If you buy a … Might be an idea to check whether it's upgradeable to DAB+. If you buy a DAB radio that isn't, it's likely to be useless within a fairly short time.http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/jan/13/uk-dab-radio-epg-guideIncludes the following paragraph:For consumers, it provides an essential warning: don't buy a DAB radio that does not support WorldDMB Profile 1 and that therefore cannot handle DAB+. There are no DAB+ broadcasts in the UK at the moment, but it's likely there will be. DAB+ uses a much more efficient audio codec, and can provide more stations with better sound quality than DAB.


this is £25 in my Asda, so not nationwide, scanned in at £25

£25 in Boldon Asda

Didn't stock it in my asda. Only ASDA's own which looked crap for £27, that and a philips DAB alarm clock.

I'm still interested to hear about my question above if anyone can shed any light on it.

this is only for one store... cold

good deal. I was in 2 Asda superstores today and they didn't have it in either.

Just got bck from dagenham ( i live near paddington) great little thing, had about 20 on show, price goes up to £27 in 11 mins though. they had a further 50 in stock at about 7pm.

very good light, clear radio, love it!

None in Brighton.

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Still have around 15 in Dagenham.

Still available

Hot. Need a dab. Was going to buy one if those retro Roberts; but came to my senses before I ended up spunking 100 big ones on a radio.

Picked one up from Boston today. This is in a different class to the 'budget' ones (which are dearer than this!). Switched on and it auto searched and found 55 stations!!! It's around the same size as my (wifes:() Roberts Eco one but a quarter the price. Not quite so rounded a tone as the Roberts but much better than you'd expect for £15. Sounds great on Radio 5 (Live) listening to the Bolton vs Spurs match.

Looking for half a dozen cheap hybrid batteries now...
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