Philips DC146 iPod Docking Micro System ONLY £67 AT ASDA INSTORE AND ONLINE
Fed up of listening to your iPod music through small speakers or on your computer? Try experiencing your iPod music in superb sound quality with the DC146 provided by the Dynamic Bass Boost giving deep and dramatic sound. Just dock your iPod and enjoy music the way you like it whilst also recharging it, ready for your next music filled journey. The DC146 also offers fast and precise tuning via its 20 preset stations whilst also being capable of playing CD and CD-R/RW.



Out of stock online.

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also available instore and it is a great price for a philips ipod docking station for decent sound

Much cheaper at other places......not a good deal


Much cheaper at other places......not a good deal

So - are you gonna share this wisdom?

Got one from Amazon £49.99 a couple of weeks ago - still in stock

Wasn't this on offer for £40 at Asda recently (like 2 or 3 months agao)?
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