Philips DECT 4131 cordless Colour phone (SMS, Alarm, Speaker) - £19.94 delivered (bargain !!)

Philips DECT 4131 cordless Colour phone (SMS, Alarm, Speaker) - £19.94 delivered (bargain !!)

Found 18th Sep 2006
Philips DECT 4131 Digital Cordless Colour Phone (With SMS, Alarm, Speakerphone) is just £19.94 inc FREE delivery from

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Cheapest price I could find for a Philips DECT COLOUR Cordless handset. Has lots of other useful features such as Alarm, SMS, Speakerphone, backlit display and so on...

Description: Philips DECT 4131 With such high-end features as a colour backlit screen, caller id, keypad lock and base pager its amazing its such a low priced bargain buy! Large 120 names and number directory and a clock, alarm and hands free speakerphone, the Philips DECT4131 provides great value.


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.. and don't forget Quidco... 3% off... brings around 60p off the price...

every little helps!


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Thanks Janus

Forgot to mention Quidco in OP, which is now done.

Received my phone today - on the order form it said 4131 but the model I received as a 413. As far as I can tell it will receive SMS but not send them---Is that right or have they sent me the wrong model - I see the pic above says 413 on it?

Ordered 20:30 on 19th
Despatched yesterday
Arrived before 08:30 today (21st)

I've already got one of these (from microdirect). The batteries supplied were faulty but works fine when I replaced them with some energiser rechargables.

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Donno the difference between 413 & 4131. May be they are the same. Googled for 413 & 4131 - both gave the same results

It clearly states 'With SMS'. I would definately take it up with them and push for either an equal version w/SMS or a discount. I have 2 on their way and if they both don't have SMS I will be doing exactly the same. Let me know how you get on.

Phoned up Philips and they say you cannot send SMS with this model, but can receive them. So it's not as good a deal as I thought!

not a bad wee phone.
nothing special but decent for £20
color screen is a bit of a joke

I received mine today, and have now email eBuyer to ask if they will either discount, or substitute this unit for a similar one with SMS sending capabilities.

I'll try to keep you updated.

Did any of you guys/gals hear back?
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