Philips DTR320 Digital Freeview Box *One week special offer* £19.99
Philips DTR320 Digital Freeview Box *One week special offer*  £19.99

Philips DTR320 Digital Freeview Box *One week special offer* £19.99

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Dont use freeview myself but came across this when looking for a plasma stand?! and seems a good price?

DTR320 Digital Freeview Box *ONE WEEK SPECIAL OFFER*
Just plug your aerial into the freeview box and you will get freeview access to digital TV and radio channels being broadcast.
To receive freeview, you must be in the a freeview area, please check your postcode before you buy at freeview.co.uk

Fast zapp ensures that channel changes are less than 1 second.

Dolby digital output offers dolby digital surround sound when used with a dolby amplifier, to offer the best surround sound available.

2 scart sockets on the back of the freeview box ensure that you can connect to your TV set and to your VCR for fantastic recording quality.

Automatic installation scans all frequencies and stores new channels in within 30 seconds.

7 day electronic program guide will provide you with an overview, listing the program information for the upcoming week.

MHEG integrated digital TV allows digital TV subscribers to navigate a screen of objects, the MHEG allows for applicatios such as Internet digital TV, VOD, Home-shopping, interactive advertising, program retailing and merchandising, electronic newspaper, home banking, E-commerce application, online games and so on.

Sent by next-day courier.

Special Offer

Price: £19.99
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Pulse Killer Chip High quality SCART cable

Dolby Digital bitstream Integrated Digital TV with MHEG interactive applications

Fast Zapp 7 day Electronic program Guide

They also do the Philips DTRID20 and PHILIPS DTR200 freeview boxes for £19.99, and Philips SLV3100 Wireless Video Sender for £24.99
- nikkiandmidgets


£25.99 inc delivery charge of £6

Careful with this one. Digital Spy customer reviews only give it 1 out of 5 stars. Seems to have bugs. Read ]HERE


does anyone if this one or any other has subtitles that REMAIN on after a channel change?

Damn, I wanted to replace my buggy useless one, this just wont do! Thanks anyhow!

Yep sister had a philips freeview, most awful piece of hardware i've ever seen, avoid at all costs, I suspect it's a chinese rebrand since philips will licence their name to anything.

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Sorry about that - price seemed not bad but hope people took me at my word that I didnt know much about them. I am away to go on my lunch break soon so will have a scour on web to see if I can find a similar deal with a more reputable brand! Thanks for updating with the feedback on the box.

Philips have very bad reputation for freeview boxes.

Try the DIGIHOME DVB915 from Amazon for £21.98 inc. delivery instead.

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Here is a Astratec Top D2B Freeview Box - EX DEMO - with TopUp TV savapoint.com/sav…122. Its £19.99 with £7.95 postage taking it to £27.94. It says RRP is £39.99 and you get a free loyalty gift. You can choose from 20 free gifts including a universal 12 in 1 control, usb in car charger, mini digital camera tripod, various pc games and music cd's and dvd's. I tested it and it increased postage by £1. I think they can charge up to £2.99 for your 'free item'. Richer sounds sell it for £29.95
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