Philips DVDR5520H Freeview DVD/HDD 160GB Recorder £115 inc VAT @ Makro

Philips DVDR5520H Freeview DVD/HDD 160GB Recorder £115 inc VAT @ Makro

Found 1st Jul 2009
Just got a Philips DVDR5520H it records freeview using a DVD recorder and 160GB hard drive. I thought this was an excellent price and thought I would pass it on here.

It was in a makro mail deal which started today so stock will be limited.

About 35 of them available in the makro preston store which we was in today.


thanks for the post


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thanks for the post :)scooter

No problem mate.

Saw this and was hoping to be able to recommend it to my parents, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty damning - ]http//ww…s=1

Good price, though, if the bugs in the firmware have been fixed.

Was also put off but the amazon reviews, but Makro have a good return's policy, so took the plunge

Seems good so far, a bit slow on sartup, but no worse than the samsung it replaced,

Everything working as it should, the epg is ok if not as polished as sky's, my unit has firmware 3.06 installed

very pleased so far, £115 for a product which is an upscaling dvd player, freeview pvr, and divx/usb playback all in a single box can't be beaten for value

cheers op
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