Philips Fidelio X2 Headphone £177.29 @ Amazon

Philips Fidelio X2 Headphone £177.29 @ Amazon

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Found 4th Feb 2016
Product Description

High fidelity sound, in the comfort of home
With the Fidelio X2 headphones, you’re in for an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home. Immerse in pristine sound details and custom-fit design that’s crafted for your total enjoyment.

Full immersion in pristine details
- Powerful 50mm neodymium drivers for wide yet precise range
- Acoustic open-back architecture for pristine audio fidelity
- Double-layered earshells engineered for sound precision
- Layered motion control diaphragm delivers precise sound
- Pre-tilted drivers fit the ears for minimal sound reflection
- OFC low impedance cable for clear transmission & shielding

Intuitive and enjoyable ease of use
- Dedicated cable management clip for tangle-free ease
- 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor included

Crafted for comfort
- Deluxe memory foam earpads for long-wearing comfort
- Breathable velour cushions to help dispel pressure and heat
- Self-adjustable airy hammock with 3D mesh for a perfect fit

Other Characteristics:
Acoustic system: Open
Cable length: 3 m
Cable type: OFC
Colour of product: Black
Connectivity technology: Wired
Depth: 11 cm
Device interface: 3.5 mm (1/8") + 6.35 mm (1/4")
Driver type: Dynamic
Ear coupling: Circumaural
Headphone frequency: 5 - 40000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity: 100 dB
Height: 23 cm
Impedance: 30 Ω
Magnet type: Neodymium
Maximum input power: 500 mW
Package depth: 12 cm
Package height: 32 cm
Package weight: 910 g
Package width: 24 cm
Quantity: 1
Weight: 380 g
Width: 19 cm

Box Contains - Headphone
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Getting tempting!
I got these last week for £175 through Flubit.
They're really good. Build quality on them is really high. As soon as you pick them up you know they're worth the money.
great price for a great headphone
I still can't decide on the X2's, the Sennheiser HD600s or the SHP9500. A great price - I just wish I'd jumped at the SHP9500 when they were £60.
ordered - thanks op
Ordered too. I hope this is a good batch - I heard the earlier batches of the Gibson made model had some quality issues.
If you guys get a chance to combine the Philips X2 with a great source such as a Chord Mojo you'll be more than impressed with the X2's performance and leave a super positive review.

The X2 sounds good on its own but a Mojo lifts all the detail out where needed in complicated passages and clears up treble, snares, claps, cymbals etc.

Direct out of a mobile phone the X2's may sound great with some tracks with not many instruments being played at one - such as rock/indie/pop but a bit overwhelmed and give a bloated sensation with others. Without a good source bass may sound a bit intrusive and upper range audio will sound compressed - lacking crisp detail.

This is why some lean towards Sennheiser in this regard, but i find Sennheisers in the X2's price bracket can sound too analytical and not as fun as the X2 - with a good source.

You'll find there's lots of portable amps on the market - some much cheaper than the Mojo, but apparently none come as close to the performance the Mojo offers at its price of £400. I've been fortunate enough to try an Oppo Ha-2, which retails at £260. The Oppo ha-2 doesn't do much for the X2's other than lift the treble a little and make the bass punch a bit more. An improvement, yes, but nothing too great and it doesn't even out the upper end out the audio spectrum like the Mojo does - what the X2 craves.

£400 for a portable amp and £177.29 for the X2's may seem like an expensive combo but once you hear them together you'll be in musical harmony.

Which route do you take ? X2/Sennheiser?

If you like the bite of a crisp snare and listen out for the decay and release and enjoy hearing a clear reverb that follows it then Sennheiser Hd600/650 may be more suited for you - they're much more analytical than the X2. If you prefer a more Live sound, like a venue where there is a much more ambient background - go for the X2, regarded as Fun.

Just bear in mind both like to be amped to be at their best.

Mojo -…ost…iew…tml

Edited by: "fluidz" 5th Feb 2016
I was tempted but looking at some of the recent 1 and 2 star verified customer ratings, it appears some people/people are receiving the Gibson version which have bad 'muddy' sound and construction issues. I went to Philips directly but their stock is sold out. Apparently the Gibson version says Gibson on the back of the box. Hope this helps, one customer review said: "After a quick scoot around the Internet to see if I could dig anything up, I found some interesting information relating to glued on earpads, defective units and apologies from Philips reps on reddit etc. as well as the Fidelio x2/27 being under review and not currently offered by Amazon In the U.S. due to customer complaints. I also found a statement issued by Philips saying they're aware of the problem, but everything is ok and not to worry because their boxes have the 'HI-RES Audio' logo on them." If they are the Philips version, rather than the Gibson (if I understand correctly, Gibson took over Woox/Philips), I would be interested.
now £175
Good review by Z on the Gibson x2's…1Ck
Edited by: "neil_hhh" 6th Feb 2016
The third pair sounded as good as the originals, so the guy sent them on to that reviewer to review them? What about the first two pairs that he sent back?

I know it's easy to return things to Amazon but the idea of returning them several times doesn't appeal to me, also reading the comments about the glued on pads, (another Youtube reviewer points out it says on the box that the pads are removable, not glued) the non flush plastic rings on some, the black dye coming off the ear pads if you have the misfortune of getting them anywhere near moisture, the paint rubbing off the rings (that one is apparently a feature of the originals, too, though). Several people in that Youtube comments section mention a tapping sound in the right cup, an imbalance between the left channel and the right channel. The most recent reviews on Amazon, the January purchases, from verified customer sales, were mainly, not all, one star based on dull sound. Then there's the huge Head-Fi forum about them. I have held off giving heat or not, because of the uncertainties and would be keen to hear from anyone, here, who had good or bad experiences, particularly if they presently use so-called audiophile headphones on a regular basis. Thanks!
Just received mine - Gibsons but it appears they have fixed the glue issue. I can remove my pads and no sticky mess. Sound is amazing through my DAC - through the iphone it's ok and better than my ATH-M50x. So far so good - I was worried about the comfort considering I have larger than average ears but they fit perfectly and really comfortable. Huge cans but huge sound.

Just received mine - Gibsons but it appears they have fixed the glue … Just received mine - Gibsons but it appears they have fixed the glue issue. I can remove my pads and no sticky mess. Sound is amazing through my DAC - through the iphone it's ok and better than my ATH-M50x. So far so good - I was worried about the comfort considering I have larger than average ears but they fit perfectly and really comfortable. Huge cans but huge sound.

Thanks for sharing this.

Philips were offering to replace the glued ones but as of the 28th of December were offering refunds, only. As I understand it, the glue was supposed only to be on the pins only, still allowing easy removal of the removable pads, hence the replacement of some and now refunds. Apparently production has ceased, so Philips are saying under the warranty they can no longer replace them, that there is a three week turnaround on refunds if you send them directly to Philips, so send them back to Amazon, instead. Apparently there are good sounding Gibson versions, almost indistinguishable from the Woox/Philips made and there was bad-sounding Gibson models, which apparently sounded very poor/'dull', to the point that I don't think anyone would find it hard to distinguish which they got. There are some construction issues and some have a channel imbalance but that was true of the Philips-made X2, also, and worth putting up with for the sound quality. It sounds like you received a good pair, which is great news. Heat added.
Yes, taking a closer look there is a sticky substance on the tips of the pins. Its not sticky glue as such but keeps the pads on - i've taken the pads off a few times and they go back on no problem and stay on.
Now £169
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