Philips GC7230 steam generator iron - £77.29 @ Argos

Philips GC7230 steam generator iron - £77.29 @ Argos

Found 10th Jan 2009
Next lowest price for a new one I can find is £86.

There are many "reduced" irons of this type but this one gets v good reviews, one of which mentions that it is a Which? Best Buy. Some of the good points:

- ceramic soleplate
- 4 bars steam pressure
- 2 min warm-up time
- lights for steam and iron temp, and low water
- 1 litre tank capacity (enough for a good sauna)

Seem not to be that many around but I managed to reserve the last one in my area.
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Cold callers - please tell me what iron to buy instead as I haven't collected it yet. ;-) And no, a £3.99 "value" one won't really cut it.
Voted hot wouldn't be without mine! halves the ironing time more time to watch day time tv and drink coffee lol XXX
Voted hot as this is a very good price for this iron as it normally retails for around £130 and it has had really good reviews. It's big brother is the GC9040 which normally retails at £249 but is currently on sale at Littlewoods direct for £124.95 less the V.A.T reduction. Similar to the one above but more powerful with 5 bars of pressure and a few extra features such as auto calc cleaning. Not cheap for an iron admittedly but if it really cuts your ironing time in half as most reviews seem to say that it does then in the words of Mastercard, "it's priceless".
i trialled the GC7220 for a site im member on, wont name it just in case but it is buzzin, love my steam generator , wouldnt be without it now. good price for this model too. they really do cut down your ironing time, brill
heat added i have this iron and it has to be the best iron i have ever bought and really does cut ur ironing time in half and is good for dry clean only items the steam ispowerful enough so good
Should have said also that I've just purchased the GC9040 from Littlewoods Direct on a buy now pay Feb 2010, code is xx340 but I couldn't get any of the discount codes to work with it. Have checked the T&C and can confirm that no interest is payable until Feb 2010.
I havent been able to work out why these steam generators are so good, if any of you could enlighten me i would much appriciate it.

Im constantly ironing shirts, could I just fire steam at them with this thing? :-)
Just read the reviews of this and other such irons on Argos or Amazon. You get much more steam, forced better into the fabric, with a lighter iron which lasts longer between refills. And I have read about people firing steam from them onto hanging fabrics yes.
None in stock anywhere close to Belfast, and not available for home delivery.
Hot Hot, These irons work so well that the kids actually enjoy ironing there own clothes!!!:whistling::thumbsup:
I had a Phillips steam generator bought as a replacement for a Tefal. I gave it away after a few months and bought a new Tefal one as it was grossly underpowered compared to the Tefal one I was used to, although this one seem to have a bit more power than the one I had, (4 bar compared to 3.5 bar), so it might be a bit better.

All I know is, once you get one that works well, you can never go back to ironing the old way!
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