Philips hair curler £49 Tesco

Philips hair curler £49 Tesco

Found 26th Nov 2016Made hot 27th Nov 2016
sounds similar to the babyliss hair curler but cheaper


Snapped up as does exactly same as curl secret and reviews an video on utube are all good, wifey will be happy

yeah practically does the same job, isnt as heavy either. most videos on youtube are german which I can just about understand :D. only negative was that it doesnt have a longer lead apparently but thats what extensions are for, and it hasnt got an auto alternate the curls left and right as your put the hair yourself into either the left or right catch, the baybliss is all internal so you cant see hence it auto alternates. this has been this price for ages on tesco, its just not as media hyped as the babyliss so gets overlooked

Just what I was looking for, my daughter will be pleased
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