Philips HD7816/50 Senseo Silver 1/2 price, only £30 delivered @ Amazon!
Philips HD7816/50 Senseo Silver  1/2 price, only £30 delivered @ Amazon!

Philips HD7816/50 Senseo Silver 1/2 price, only £30 delivered @ Amazon!

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Technical Details
1 cup, 2 cups or a mug of SENSEO coffee freshly brewed in under a minute
Always the right balance between coffee and water
Full smooth taste with delicious crema layer
Simple to use and easy to clean


i used to have one of these machines, and they are ****, the coffee don't taste great!

if u like coffee, go for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine by KRUPS - Black
much better, of more expensive, but worth the extra..

I agree, I had one of these and the coffee came out luke warm and tasted awful.
Gave it to my sister a few days later, cost me 50 squids!

I'm a bit wary of coffee makers now.


be wary the cartridges are a rip off

I must admit I really like my senseo.

I purchased the refillable pods from a famous auction site which allows you to choose your own coffee.

I'd buy another if my current one broke !!

I must say that I really like mine. The coffee is always piping hot and flavour is lovely.

Get a Gaggia classic , Gaggia grinder , grind the coffee beans yourself:thumbsup:
all for about £350 :oops:
Actually these senseo things are ok

Just got rid of mine - coffee cold and stupid set amounts. - just got a nespresso magimix m200 and love it.

I have a senseo and use it pretty much every day, you can buy the pods for a reasonable price online

Don't buy!

Opt for a Krups - they are much much better!

Pounldand had Pods for these today on BOGOF ...


I love mine, got it when they were on with the free CD offer.

Got 2 and the eagles newest CD for about £38 delivered using the brilliant giftwrap codes on here.

I put it on to heat whilst I get daughters breakfast ready and then do a one cup into my bargain china cup and saucer (delivered for 1.68 or similar courtesy of debenhams & here - I just love other people posting great stuff).

OK it,s not the hottest but I don't want scalding coffee at 7am with a 3 year old demanding other nonsense from me, it would just get poured down the sink at 6pm!

Tastes good - is quick and easy - I'd buy another even for £30 because without a caffeine hit I'm no use to anyone..........

i'd be concerned about anything with "pods". the extra energy it takes to spoon out the right amount is well spent in my eyes.

problem with coffee is that one mans heavenly nectar is anothers mans swamp-water.

also, some coffee snobs are right up there with wine snobs in the snobbery stakes!

Bought one of these for this price before Christmas for brother/sister in law - they loved it! Great present at this price - the black ones were £25.

This is a good deal, I've had a senseo for about 3 years now and use it basically everyday, the only problems are the coffee pods which you can buy in england, the range is pathetic, in the past I've used the famouse auction web-site to get loads of different coffee pods from Holland and I also have a reusable coffee pod if I fancy putting in some freshly ground blue java (hmmm coffee snob), also if you are in France pop into one of the big supermarkets (Auchan or Carrefour) and they have loads of different coffee pods for sale.

I would steer well clear of this - horrid design, you're tied in to getting whatever coffee they sell you in the pods, the pods are wasteful and expensive compared to fresh ground coffee, and the drinks don't taste anything like as good as a proper 15bar machine.

It's a cheap and cheerful coffee machine, makes a basic drink, but for better quality and more flexibility I would go for a Saeco every time.

Seems like people either love it or hate it.

We *love* ours, wouldn't be without it. Sister in-law has a tassimo machine and that makes insipid coffee (IMO). Wouldn't swap the senseo for a machine of ten times the price.

If you buy one of these you're not getting something that will make fancy coffee - if you want a machine to make lattes or cappuccino then dont buy it. If you want decent filter coffee without fuss or mess then these are perfect.

Some Tesco stores sell their own brand finest pods which are a few pence cheaper than the senseo coffee blends, and you get 18 pods in the bag from Tesco, rather than 16 in the senseo bags.

There's also the coffeo.co.uk website who sell pads and accessories at a reasonable price (I've no connection with them, other than ordering from them a few time).

Firstly - these were never twice this price; but this is a good price.
Senseo packets usually have 18 pods. In France cheaper and more choice.
I stock up on my trips there.
I love my Senseo. It is so simple and clean AND I love the coffee.
If I want it hotter then I pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds.


Best coffee maker I've had, and I've had lots! I use eco refillable pods and my own ground coffee. Never had a problem with not being hot, always too hot to drink when 1st made. Very easy to clean.
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