PHILIPS HEPC 7511 Quad Core: £342.54 @ Pixmania
PHILIPS HEPC 7511 Quad Core: £342.54 @ Pixmania

PHILIPS HEPC 7511 Quad Core: £342.54 @ Pixmania

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Desktop PC on Pixmania - looks almost too good to be true in my opinion it's being sold by one of their associates: SmartBuy.

Theres very few details on the site for some reason witch is strange but a quick look around the internet reveals:
* Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor (2.4GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 8MBCache)
* 400GB Hard Drive
* 2GB Memory
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 6 USB Connections
* nVidia GeForce 8500GT Graphics
* Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD Re-Writer
* TV Tuner
To be the standard
It's unclear wether it comes with a monitor or not

Have a look for yourself.

also pixmania have 5% off all orders under £400 until December 17th at midnight
don't worry if miss that they appear to have Discount codes on all the time

Linky: pixmania.co.uk/uk/…tml


Hmmm descriptions a bit brief, how do you know if it will even come with a monitor?

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To be honest i'm not too sure. :oops: but the picture includes a monitor so would it not be false advertising for them not to call it a base unit clearly in the description?

Either way it's a decent deal at the very least

I've took the lunge and bought so i'll let you know what it come's with when i get it

Also most websites that sell it sell both the monitor and the Base Unit - the only ones that don't are selling refurbished units

That wont include the monitor

Pixmania themselves are bad enough, never mind some nobby-no-name hiding behind them! So, good luck to anyone willing to risk their cash on this one!

I won't be though! :whistling:

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hmm... Feeling the heat now, still - I'm happy enough with or without the monitor.
And Pixmania have been good with me in the past.

I'll let you know how I get on once it arrives.

Fingers crossed

I just bought a quad core off ebay for pretty much the same price, 4gb of ram and 500gb HD though, if this one turns out to include the monitor its a steal, if not i wouldnt be to happy about it tbh

the link isn't working!

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the link isn't working!

Are you sure? works for me.
Try this ]http//ww…511

I bought a Dell Inspiron 530 base unit with the same cpu from Tesco (instore only) for £299.00

Pentium Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 CPU
2 x 1Ghz DDR2 667Mhz memory
320GB Hard drive

The unit was listed as Discontinued but they still had plenty of stock !


hey where did my post go … hey where did my post go to?http://www.thecomputerengineers.co.uk/refurbished-desktops/philips-hepc-7501-core-2-duo-e6750-2gb-ram-500gb-hd-256mb-x1650-tv-dvdrw-vhp-factory-refurbished-a-grade-/prod_8337.html

looks like one of the mods deleted it, if you keep an eye on your messages you will probably find that which ever one has deleted it has sent you a message to tell you why.


hey where did my post go to?

I am not surprised... it was a post listing a refurb dual core machine, so about as off-topic from this as it is possible to get!
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