Philips HP 170 Digital Stereo Headphones - £2.49 Delivered plus 5% Quidco  !!

Philips HP 170 Digital Stereo Headphones - £2.49 Delivered plus 5% Quidco !!

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Found 8th Aug 2007
Thes Philips HP 170 Digital Stereo Headphones are just £2.49 delivered @! Use discount code: STUDENT for free delivery and remember to go through quidco for 5% cashback!

Details: These Headphones are a must for any music lover with Left/Right volume control with a Mono-Stereo switch for NICAM broadcasts.
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Has anyone ordered these? To be honest, they look pretty fugly and I wouldn't want to be seen in them.

However, for a comfortable pair of branded headphones, they're pretty darned cheap. And if I used them in the office, the fully enclosed cans would keep out the peripheral noise... Just don't wanna look like a refugees from the 70's.

The only thing that would make them look worse, is if they had a pair of car aeriels poking out the top of the cans...

[EDIT:]Curiousity got the better of me, and I ordered a set for the office. Well, I haven't bought anything today from here, and I was getting a bit desperate. Anyone else got that problem?
Jeez! These must be OOOOLD! i owned a pair of these pre-2000! I jsut used them for a pair of pc headphones so i didnt disturb the parents watching tv (this was back in the day of a 'family' pc haha.

I wouldnt be seen outside of the house dead in them. the sound was alright, but they are MASSIVE. not bad for £2.49 thoguh as a cheap pair of pc headphones

These are very standard. Don't expect great sound quality, bass or amazing comfort.
As with everything, you get what you pay for! Remember these are £2.50.
i paid about 15 quid for these from argos about 4 years ago and they have only recently just given up the ghost. great for the comp as they have a really long lead but don't expect 3d surround sound so for £2.50 you cant go wrong.
Had a pair of these that came free with a football, loved them, hid myself away in them from the likes of nelson doing a ha ha at me but very comfortable and the cord was about 5m long
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Expired already?
Zetec Andy

Expired already?

In stock @ my end.
The item you are requesting is unavailable

I have expired it...

Did you get those pics of eBay millar? Caus' thats what they are! :shock:
Showing 'In Stock' again now!
Original Poster Editor

Did you get those pics of eBay millar? Caus' thats what they are! :shock:

No birdyboyuk, they're off the underfivepounds site and have image url as below:

Looks like they have vanished again now though!

It now says "The item you are requesting is unavailable."
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