Philips HQ6990 6900 Series Rechargeable Rotary Male Shaver £24.40 @ Amazon
Philips HQ6990 6900 Series Rechargeable Rotary Male Shaver £24.40 @ Amazon

Philips HQ6990 6900 Series Rechargeable Rotary Male Shaver £24.40 @ Amazon

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i bought this for 19.99 few months ago ( it was on hot uk deals at it reached more than 1000 degrees,

lot of people been asking me to buy them the same shaver but all these months the minimum price was around £ 35.00

so still £ 24.00 i think its a bargain
hope this helps someone

Reflex Action® System
Reflex Action® System of HQ6900 shaver adjusts to every curve of your face and neck. Replex Action System follows the curves and contours of the face, so there's optimal soothing and minimal friction. It adjusts to every curve of your face and neck for flexible, smoother shaving.
Super Lift & Cut® technology
Philips HQ6900 Shaver has a combination of 2 double action cut system which helps you to achieve close and perfect shave in a single stroke. Its dual blade system provides double action one move. First blade lifts the hair from skin and the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.

Pop-up trimmer
Full width, pop-up trimmer is perfect for grooming sideburns and moustache.

Easy grip for optimal handling
This ergonomically designed grip enables easy handling for a comfortable shave.

Precision Cutting System shaves even the shortest stubble.
Philips HQ6900 new electric shaver is equipped to conveniently deliver a superior shaving performance. Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and unique micro holes designed to catch the shortest stubble.

Getting used to a new shaver
If you used a different shaving method before (e.g. a razor blade) and have just acquired a dry shaver from Philips, your skin requires some time to get used to your new shaving method. Your skin may become slightly irritated and feel sensitive after shaving. These tips help your skin get used to the new shaving method:

Shave with the new shaver every day.
Make sure your skin is clean and dry when you start shaving.
Take your time when you are shaving.
Make circular movements across the skin with the shaver and do not exert too much pressure.
Clean the shaver properly after every shave.
After a few weeks, your skin will have become used to the new shaving method.
A good start is half the work!
Make sure that your skin is clean and dry when you start shaving and that you have a mirror close at hand. Some mirrors magnify to ensure that you won’t miss even the shortest stubble.
Some Philips shavers are waterproof and allow the use of a preshave lotion. The alcohol in the lotion evaporates quickly. This raises the stubble, which ensures a closer shave.
Make sure the shaver is properly charged. A properly charged battery has a positive effect on the shaving result.

Skin irritation!
Always shave in the morning when your skin is properly rested. Make sure your skin is properly clean and dry.
Do not shave shortly before exercising. Perspiration may cause irritation on a freshly shaved skin.
Start shaving the most sensitive areas. The shaving heads heat up during shaving. Cold shaving heads cause the least irritation.
Make circular movements across the skin with the shaver and do not exert too much pressure
Move the shaver against the direction of hair growth and regularly check with your hand or by looking in the mirror if all stubble has been removed. Do not pass the shaver too often over the same spot.
Apply a lotion or aftershave with little or no alcohol to the skin after shaving.
Clean the shaver properly after every shave.
Replace the shaving heads regularly: the sharper the blades, the smaller the risk of skin irritation.

Power system
Rechargeable: 1 Hour of charging for up to 30 minutes of shaving
Automatic selection: 100-240 V
Colour(s): Mustang black
Protection cap
Cleaning brush
Shaving System
Super Lift & Cut technology
Reflex Action system
Individually floating heads
Corrosion-free heads
Detachable bracket
Silent power
Vibration free
Hair-collecting chamber
Replacement head: HQ55


wait till it comes back in stock i could see it being 14.99 or 19.99

I picked one up from Currys for £19.99 in store the other day using the £5 off voucher from the catalogue. I'm guessing Curry's stocks are low so you may have trouble finding them now!

Anyway can't say I'm totally impressed with the shave, the motor seems very underpowered compared to my previous Braun shavers. Was expecting a better and closer shave based on the reviews I read.

Paid £15 for mine two weeks ago @ Amazon.

Got this last week @ £15

Yep, £15 last week - and I'd say don't bother. Tried it and went back to my 5 or 6-year-old Braun which gives a much better shave.
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