Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver £43.99 @ Amazon UK
Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver £43.99 @ Amazon UK

Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver £43.99 @ Amazon UK

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My old Philips HQ 7850 is quite a few years old and needs new heads which cost around £25 so I've gone for one of these as a replacement. Seems a decent price.

Product Features

* Rechargeable shaver- 1 hour charge for 10 days Shaving
* Quick Charge
* Precision Cutting system to shave even the shortest stubble
* Reflex Action System to adjust to every curve on your face and neck
* Super Lift & Cut technology to provide the closest shave
* Pop Up Trimmer to groom your sideburns and moustache
* Washable simply rinsed under the tap
* Individually Floating Heads
* Worldwide Voltage Selection
* Battery Full / Low / Charge indicators


been posted previously last month and still the same price

Original Poster

I did a search and found the Argos deal but its now back up to £87.99 there!!

Got one of these last year from Amazon £29,very good
shaver and decent trimmer.Still great value for money
at £43.99,recommended:thumbsup:

Used philips for nearly 30 years but always bought them for £25 - 35 ie lower priced ones then bought one similar to this about 12 months ago for £32 was reduced from about £90 on amazon best shaver i've ever bought and used, 3 day stubble no problem for it full charge in about an hour so good shaver but not voted as i think mine was a real bargain at £32 deliverd but i suppose £44 better than paying £80 plus.

I have use Philips shavers for years too but find the recent generation (made in China) very light and not as good as the older models. The heads have also changed from just the blades moving to now the blades plus surrounding areas move, which is, at least on my face, not so efficient and a shave now takes longer than before. I think the quality has gone down with the price gone up. I'm not happy with mine but haven't tried the posted model.

amazon were doing these a while back for about £22. Picked on up. Decent shaver

I have one and I don't like it. I wouldn't buy it at that price.

I bought this the last time Amazon had it one sale. Been slightly disappointed by it, since it lacks any kind of contour adjustment like the higher end philishave's it tears my neck to bits. That and it takes repeated strokes to pick up hairs. I'm going to fix the battery in my 7yr old philishave and use that instead!

Sorry to the OP, I know it looks like a good deal, but the product simply isn't that great

I agree with PeteBest. I had a much more expensive Philips shaver that needed new blades. Thought this would be a cheaper option. I have been using it for four months. It doesn't shave that close, is not that comfortable to use, the lights for the charge are not incremental (just one glowing LED), and the battery life is poor.

My advise is to avoid.

What he said. I agree.

I've got the previous Philips - Williams model and to be honest it's not very good compared to older Philips razors. Can't really comment on this one, but just bare this in mind if thinking of buying.


I have one of these and its rubbish, just an ordinary shaver, always gives me cuts and bruises on the skin. I had to go back to normal razors after I tried this. Regret buying this. Voted Cold.

I bought one as a gift fr a friend, and agree with other posters, its poor model, not a patch on the previous Williams model :-(

The Williams F1 branding does not make this a great shaver. I have one and have been very disapointed. Battery life is very poor and the shave is less than perfect

If this ain't no good, what is a good razor to get?

I paid £43 from Argos like a month back.
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