Found 20th Mar 2011
Cheapest elsewhere seems to be around £80. Reviews are pretty good as well.

Manufacturer's Description

This Philips Juicer gives you all the juice without the fuss thanks to its patented micro-mesh filter and powerful 700W motor. The extra-large feeding tube easily takes whole fruits and vegetables, so you don`t have to peel, core, de-seed or chop first anymore. The versatile motor with two speeds can handle hard fruit as easily as soft fruit, and because the pulp container is so large, you can make more juice in one go.
Patented micro-mesh filter
The patented micro-mesh filter squeezes out every last drop of juice--just two apples make a full glass of fresh juice.

Extra-large feeding tube
Thanks to the extra-large feeding tube, you don't need to de-seed, core, chop or peel most fruits first. The juicer easily takes whole apples or carrots, for instance.

700W motor with two speeds
The smooth, versatile 700W motor has two speeds so you can select the ideal speed for juicing hard or soft fruit.

The Philips Juicer has dishwasher-safe parts. You can either rinse all of the removable parts under the tap or put them in the dishwasher.

Made from anodised aluminium
The Philips Juicer is made from anodised aluminium, a stylish finish that won't mark or stain and which will keep its looks over time.

2L pulp container
You can make more juice in one go thanks to the 2L pulp container.

1.5L juice jug
The stylish 1.5L juice jug comes with a detachable foam separator for clear or cloudy juice.


Read the negatives too; some design flaws & it isn't particularly efficient.

I'd go for a masticating juicer myself.

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Prices elsewhere

£99 @ Tesco Direct
£99 @ Marks & Spencer
£79 @ Laskys
£79 @ KitchenScience

this is a good price and it's not a bad juicer, i bought one about 16 months ago when they were £30 in Comet, it's just given up the ghost the past few weeks and smelling of burning so have opted for a masticating juicer to replace it.

We've had one for a few years, use it most mornings and still going strong. Sturdy and easy to clean.

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Ordered one myself.

Bought one for my son a couple of months ago for £67 and one for myself 2 years ago for about £70, very good build, both machines get used a lot - very good price @ £55.90

Surprised that this was on sale for £30 an year and a half ago ago. Is it the same model?

Am i being dumb click on go to deal and the price come's up as £70.68 ? not £55.90.

Wish it was this price still, bloody £98 now
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