Philips HTL2163B Sound Bar  120w Bluetooth compatible £69 @ esco Direct and Instore/Argos

Philips HTL2163B Sound Bar 120w Bluetooth compatible £69 @ esco Direct and Instore/Argos

Found 11th Sep 2016
Just picked one up for the bedroom Instore and online at Tesco

HDMI ARC not pass through and the Sub is wired but I've tested it and it works well and sounds fine to me, although I have not been able to turn it up to see how far it goes


Make the most of your home entertainment with this Phillips Soundbar Speaker. It's the perfect fit for in front of your TV and flexible placement lets you put it on the wall, table or TV stand. Enrich your films, music and gaming with virtual surround sound and deep bass, all through just one cable.

2.1 channels.

Active amplifier.

Wired subwoofer.


Optical audio connection.

Digital optical.

Total power output: 240 watts.

Speaker bar: 60 watts.

Subwoofer: 60 watts.

1 USB port.

1 HDMI port.

Remote control batteries required 1 x AAA (included) .

Size of speaker bar H5.2, W84.3, D6cm.

Weight of speaker bar 1.4kg.

Size of subwoofer H24, W16.5, D29.5cm.
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pete_bolton try this...

Just been listening to some music and sampling some movies, genuinely blown away by how good it sounds for the money
Assumed this was Bluetooth enabled - it isn't.

Assumed this was Bluetooth enabled - it isn't.

It does have Bluetooth. I have one myself and it's a decent soundbar. If you expect amazing sound and some surround sound wonders out of this thing, don't. It's really handy as it can be easily wall mounted plus the HDMI ARC feature is a must have, but the sound itself is lacking. I got it paired up to a Samsung H6400 series TV and there really isn't a whole lot of difference in the sound quality (except the bass is much better with the soundbar but again not amazing). Honestly it's a 3/5 star product as it has may flaws. HDMI ARC feature doesn't always turn the soundbar on, Bluetooth has it's problems as simple music streaming from mobile devices often lags even if the device is only 1m away, plus I could only manage to connect Windows 7 and later Windows 10 PC to the soundbar once via Bluetooth and never again. Wall mounting system could be a bit more refined as it only has two holes at the back - the kind of holes that you would find on a back of a picture frame if you were to hang it, which means cable management can be a bit of a pain as the cables get in the way of the mounting holes. Also the auto-off feature is annoying as it turns the soundbar off after 15mins if there is no input signal (like pausing a Netflix stream for more than 15mins) - prior to the latest firmware update the auto-off thing was set to 30mins which was much better in my opinion, but hey apparently saving 15mins of 1W usage will save the giant pandas. Also the screen is too dimm and you can't even see if the soundbar is on in bright conditions (like sun shining into the living room, but again this shouldn't be problem for UK residents) in normal conditions the screen is ok though.

Not trying to put anyone off from buying this soundbar (especially at this price), but I'm just pointing out a few things that are slightly wrong with this product. Personally I'm happy with it as it was the best I could get for the price.
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Why do they have different ways of measuring the power output of these? This one 120W, which they got by adding the individual channels together, 2 x 30W and 60W. The cheaper version (link below) marketed as 40W but described as Soundbar 40W and sub 40W so a total of 80W, or if they are listing per channel on the bar then same as this 120W!…413
Yeah, I'd be careful with this one. I bought it a month ago and returned it the next day as the bass was a bit too much (made voices a too 'mumbly'). Lowering the bass a little would make it sound too tinny - there was no comfortable middle ground. It also slipped out of sync once. And as Argoj pointed out, it's not really 120w.

It was good for music though. I'd personally not buy it for more than £60.

The Samsung Soundbar we got last Christmas spoiled us really, and so in the end we just bought another one.

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Bought one of these for an old plasma TV that was being used with the in built speakers for ages.
I thought it would be a decent upgrade considering you get a wired sub.
I was a bit disappointed, but you gotta just look at the price. The speakers marginally improve sound over the TV speakers. They dont go that loud and it has some nice features.

However, I was surprised that the Bluetooth for music works well. If you hook up your phone or other decent source BT device, the sound is actually better than TV source.

SO, on the whole its price reflects its performance, and will marginally upgrade a set of TV speakers.

Not suitable for a big room, which is what I've got these in, but im sure its ok for a bedroom, or for someone on a tight budget.
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