Philips HTS3357 DVD home theatre kit - £112.00 @ Littlewoods Direct

Philips HTS3357 DVD home theatre kit - £112.00 @ Littlewoods Direct

Found 14th Mar 2008
for all the unlucky people who ordered this and got the letter of a so called apology from empire stores maybe this may cheer you up well ok its not as cheap as the previous deal but its still good at £112 , the actual price is £149 but if you - 6% quidco and - 20% littlewoods voucher it comes down to £112 which is still a nice deal for this kit and its in stock.


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cold ? why ? let me guess cos its littlewoods , well why are there so many littlewoods deals that get hott votes ?

I don't remember the exact model number, but this looks like exactly the same system that they say is sold out, and so could not fulfil my order at the £70-odd price?

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this is the same system that empire stores had but its instore here at littlewoods

Quidco: 'This merchant pays ex-VAT.'

Meaning: the actual price would be a bit higher than £112.

No,the price they pay cashback on is less 17.5% of retail price


Let this be a warning FOR ALL LITTLEWOODS deals, just when you think you may have a bargain, they'll demand at a later date, repayment on any vouchers used in the deal. :w00t:
All Littlewoods deals now in my view are all COLD

I'm sorry to say,......[SIZE="6"]LITTLEWOODS, YOU'RE FIRED !
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