Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
Philips Hue Lightstrip Extension [1 m] White and Colour Ambiance Smart LED Kit £7.84 Prime / £12.33 Non Prime at Amazon
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Philips Hue Lightstrip Extension [1 m] White and Colour Ambiance Smart LED Kit £7.84 Prime / £12.33 Non Prime at Amazon

Posted 23rd Jan

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Following on from the other posts, this can be bought for £7.84 sold by Amazon Warehouse. It is a in original packaging (possible packaging damage) but new inside.

They are listed as £9.80 but have 20% off at the moment bringing them to £7.84.
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Need bridge ?
Hassan.Ali12123/01/2020 16:51

Need bridge ?


I can't see the price op mentioned though

Are these used warehouse deal?
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Will need a bridge and a lightstrip base to connect too.
Already posted
They aren’t new inside.
efc_4ever23/01/2020 16:53

YesI can't see the price op mentioned thoughAre these used warehouse deal?

Yep, warehouse, and now sold out.
Received mine all were brand new with Amazon Warehouse stickers
I bought 5,

1. Had an orange warehouse deals sticker on (with reconditioned written in foreign language), sealed with tape over original circle seal, black cardboard inside, strip looked as new apart from one pin slightly dented. This one doesn't mention Signify on the outside box, it also states current consumption as 1000mA max, other boxes are different in this respect. Checking the strip it states manufactured by Philips Lighting. Other say manufactured by Signify, I guess this one is an older model then. Keeping.

2: Green Amazon warehouse sticker, wasn't sealed, quite twisted, had some parts of the tape peeled off, and smelt like smoke. white cardboard inside too. Returning.

3. Green Amazon sticker, tape over original circle seal, strip looks new, white cardboard. Keeping.

4. Green amazon sticker, original seal opened, no tape over it. white cardboard, strip was wrapped into tight circle but good condition. Keeping

5. Green amazon sticker, has an extra large seal dot, white cardboard inside, strip was bent into the corners rather than gently curving like the others, part of sticker strip peeled back. Returning.

I guess this shows just what you might end up with buying from Amazon warehouse. Lesson learned: Buy more than you need and keep the best ones. Returned the 2 on the left in the photo, you can see how different they are packaged compared to the others.
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