Philips hue lightstrip (Gen 1) £91.77 @ Amazon

Philips hue lightstrip (Gen 1) £91.77 @ Amazon

Found 31st Aug 2017
Cheap cheap cheap. 13 in stock @ 12.06pm
This is the Gen 1 version non extendable.
The kit contains two lightstrips and the round hub.

Product Description
Philips First Generation LightStrips 2 m allow you to create striking features in your living room, kitchen or gaming room. With 16 million colours to choose from - you can create and control lights from anywhere, anytime. Each strip offers 2 meters of flexible light - which is easy to place and connect and seamless control with the Philips Hue app. Highlight your favorite pictures, bring your TV viewing experience to life, light up under your kitchen landing, create illumination on your kitchen top... The First Generation LightStrips are not-extendable. Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that works with iOS and Android Smart devices. Philips Hue works with Amazon Echo, Nest, Samsung Smartthings and Google Home.
Box Contains
2 x 200 cm First Generation Non-Extendable LightStrip
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x Hue Bridge 1.0
1 x LAN Cable
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I know it's in the past so not a helpful comment, but I'm sure I spent less than this for my gen 2 strips. Yep just checked on Amazon, I paid £42 for the 2m strip and £13 for a 1m extension. I do want another but I'll be waiting to get a gen 2 at a similar price.
Gen 1 lightstrip is 120 lumens vs 1600 lumens in Gen 2. Also can't do white.
Cold from me I'm afraid, I'd want this to be under £50 before it was of interest personally.
I thought this was expensive?

How much do they usually sell for
£91 for a 2 metre strip
This is seriously expensive! Hope you didn't pay this OP. Normal price on Amazon is £65 for one strip but you get get them on offer from time to time even cheaper. Bridges too.
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Freezing. Gen 2 is cheaper.
jenmumof539 m ago

£91 for a 2 metre strip

To be fair it's 2 x 2m strips. But still expensive imo.
How much is Xiaomi's equivalent product? I know I've just got 2 Yeelight rgb colour LED Bulbs for about 23 delivered total
from China
It's way easier to modify the GEN 1 strips than the GEN 2. All other 4 channel 5050 SMD strips (from eBay etc.) can be soldered into the GEN 1 easily, not so easy to do with GEN 2 as they changed the format to 5 channels... That said, this still is expensive and would love for it to be cheaper considering I payed £45 a unit.
I got the same back in January for about £30. Not sure why anyone would pay more than that for gen1. (it is not extendable and produces white from RGB)
ublewit9 h, 53 m ago

To be fair it's 2 x 2m strips. But still expensive imo.

Ah, didn't spot that
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