Philips HX6952/71 Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush With Soft Travel Case 2 toothbrush Heads Travel Charger & UV Sanitiser - Twin Pack half price £125 + free delivery @ Amazon
Philips HX6952/71 Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush With Soft Travel Case 2 toothbrush Heads Travel Charger & UV Sanitiser - Twin Pack half price £125 + free delivery @ Amazon

Philips HX6952/71 Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush With Soft Travel Case 2 toothbrush Heads Travel Charger & UV Sanitiser - Twin Pack half price £125 + free delivery @ Amazon

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One of the first things people notice about a person is their smile. Thats one reason its important to look after your teeth and gums you only get one chance to make a first impression. But brushing your teeth also gives you a healthy mouth, and that can make an impression thats much more important than the first: a healthy body.

Research shows that your oral health can significantly contribute to your overall health. Especially the health of your gums. Gum disease has been linked to a variety of conditions that affect the entire body. One recent study showed that bacterial by products present in diseased gums can hurt the heart once they enter the bloodstream. In fact, there is growing research that says people with severe gum disease have a significantly greater risk of stroke or heart attack. Were also seeing studies that show a link between gum disease and diabetes. People with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease. In turn, gum disease makes diabetes harder to control. Its a harmful cycle thats centred in the mouth. But what if there is more than one mouth to worry about? Most pregnant women have heightened oral care issues, and certain pregnant women with severe gum disease are more likely to deliver a preterm low birth weight baby. This risk can be significantly reduced, however, by treatment before the third trimester.

Philips Sonicare HX6952 Electric Toothbrush Twin Pack

From the makers of the number one recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals, Philips Sonicare introduces FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, the most advanced power toothbrush ever. Featuring a new innovative technology, FlexCare removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush and even Sonicare Elite. The integrated ultraviolet (UV) Sanitizer removes up to 99 percent of bacteria* on your toothbrush.

The Philips Sonicare brand is not only a leader in oral health care, but is also backed by more than 140 publications and abstracts representing clinical and laboratory studies conducted at more than 40 universities and research institutes worldwide. Philips Sonicare power toothbrushes are proven to promote and improve oral health, from reducing plaque build-up to improving overall gum health. They also have demonstrated the ability to increase patient compliance to oral health and hygiene regimens between dental visits. Philips Sonicare is the number-one sonic toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals worldwide.

Product Features

* The new Philips HX6952 ProResults brush head has been designed with broader sweeping motion and contour fit bristles for increased tooth coverage
* Philips HX6952 is a dual pack with a UV sanitizer to kill germs on your brush head for hygienic storage of toothbrush heads and optimum results
* Philips Sonicare is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque, FlexCare ProResult brush head provides better, comfort-enhanced brushing experience
* Philips Sonicare HX6952 comes with soft travel bag, dual handles, FlexCare ProResult brush head and UV sanitizer for all in one pack for you and your partner
* With two year guarantee, 3 Flexible brushing modes and 2 Personalised cleaning routines this electric toothbrush pack is all you want for a perfect oral care


How is £125 for a couple of toothbrushes a bargain?

Because this model is often as much as £130 for a single one.
Got one of these - a totally different kettle of fish to the Oral B and the likes.

What's wrong with the ones where you actually use your own wrist to brush?

Surely false teeth are cheaper than this AND you can wash 'em under the tap for free.

r u mental to blow 125quid on a tooth brush??????????????

How much does a filling cost if you are forced to get it from a non-NHS dentist (because most of the dentists went private a couple of years ago)? My American girlfriend's parents bought her one of these because of the price of dental insurance in the states but you could apply similar logic here. If these last 2 people (or more because you can change the heads easily) for 10 years and keep them from getting any fillings then they will easily pay for themselves. It's like mattresses. You use them everyday so why would you get a cheap one?

I'm sure £125 is a good price for this set. The travel charger is a good idea but the UV sanitiser is overkill IMHO. You probably couldn't get 2 of these toothbrushes for this price without the UV thing for this price, though. Have some heat

Also... when buying a sonicare make sure you look at what size the brush head is. You get ones where you just need to replace the narrow bit that goes in you mouth (such as this one) but you also get ones that you have to replace the top of the toothbrush too. The later one is considerably more expensive and difficult to pick up for cheap on fleabay.



You simply can't comment with any authority on these toothbrushes without having used one. We have used one for 8 months now and it has made a huge difference to our teeth and gums.

We always did brush regularly with a series of different electric toothbrushes over the years, but the last two visits to the dentist have shown a big improvement - so much so that the last visit didn't require the usual clean and polish because there was nothing to remove.

Used regularly you are kidding yourself if you think that £60 or thereabouts is expensive for one of these toothbrushes.


How is £125 for a couple of toothbrushes a bargain?


@davestavros + merlinthehappypig

I'm 30 and I've used manual toothbrushes all my life. I've got zero fillings, zero problems with my teeth, and I've probably spent £30 total on brushes. Either I'm extremely lucky, or there's a link between taking proper care of your teeth and not eating sweet things every day or having a poor diet. I think which toothbrush you choose to use is totally irrelevant.

Possibly if i'd broken my wrists I'd buy a cheap automatic toothbrush for a while though. But then I'm not planning on doing that.

Anyway it's up to you if you want to spend your money on something like this but imho it's an unneccessary expense.

They are fab and invaluable if anyone in your household has bridges, crowns etc as they clean them with little to no pressure. Thay are worth the money

Can anyone tell me why this is £125 yet this one from Amazon amazon.co.uk/gp/…-21 is £135?

This one seems to be a higher model, you get two of them yet the one on its own is more expensive?
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