Philips ID937 designer phones (twin) with answer machine 1/2 price at Comet, now £49.99

Philips ID937 designer phones (twin) with answer machine 1/2 price at Comet, now £49.99

Found 5th Oct 2009
Very nice black gloss phones, well worth £49.99!


Polyphonic ringtones
Last number redial
Mute button
300m outdoor range in ideal conditions
Ringer volume control
Handset volume control
On hook dialling
Call timer
Out of range warning
Individual message delete
Message received indicator
Outgoing call list
Incoming call list
Ringer melodies
Paging facility
Cordless product
Digital phone
Low battery indicator
Call screening
Missed call log
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Handset control of answer machine
Day/time stamp for each message
Illuminated keypad
GAP compatible
Pre-recorded answer machine messages
Community Updates


Also some good Philips trio offers at Tesco, not the same model though, if I recall right
My sis in law had 3 sets of these and got a refund in the end, all went faulty i wouldnt bother

Seem to have good reviews and they're working fine for me.

Replaced a Magicbox set with these and would definitely not go back to those.
These were in Sainsburys a few weeks back at either £35.99 or £39.99. Good looking phone!!
love my set have had them well over a year and still look and work like new had no probs
Phillips + Phones = FAIL
Rubbish phones - good looks - avoid!
I bought them last week and have had nothing but trouble. Can't answer any incoming calls, they show as incoming voicemail and just ring out. Spoke with Philips helpline and they just said send them back.
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