Philips LivingColors Colour Changing Mood Lamp, Gen 2, £99.00  @ Amazon

Philips LivingColors Colour Changing Mood Lamp, Gen 2, £99.00 @ Amazon

Found 1st Nov 2010
Reduced from £179.99 and best price around! Meant to be excellent so got one.

Manufacturer's Description
Philips LivingColors 2nd Generation

Colouring your world with even more light

Welcome to the world of Light and Colour from Philips. Philips LivingColors is an innovative LED light with an intuitive remote control that enables you to create your own ambience through the use of colour and light.

Available in two styles; Versatile Clear or Sophisticated Black.

An intense colour experience through technical improvements

* Transform your home with just a touch
* Choose from up to 16 million colours, create your own personal favourite colour
* Decide on colour intensity and brightness - conveniently by remote control
* Enjoy a 50% increase in light intensity (compared to 1st generation)

Product design:

* Up to 16 million different colours and shades
* Adjust the colour, intensity and brightness by pressing a button
* Low power consumption of only 15 W
* 7 high power LEDS of the latest LED technology
* Rapidity of the colour changer is now individually adjustable
* Flattened bottom for easy placement in any place and any room

Product benefits/applications:

* Change the light of your home depending on the mood
* Color intensity and colour brightness to your liking
* Touch-sensitive colour ring, which allows for intuitive operation
* 7 high power LEDs for up to 16 million different colour tones and gradations
* Numerous LivingColors setting synchronously controlled with a remote control
* Improve production of white light
* Storage of the last colour setting after switching off
* Flexible placement in the room with flattened bottom

Enjoy the latest high-performance LED technology

Choose from hundreds to create your own personal favorite colour

Touch the colour ring and create your own individual ambience

Try the automatic colour change from

* The new generation has almost twice as many LEDs as the first (from 4 to 7)
* Accordingly, the new generation has a better color intensity and brightness yield (approximately 50% more)
* The second generation has become smaller with increased efficiency (almost one third)
* The new generation offers the user a greater variety of personal settings
* The rapidity of the color changer can be adjusted individually
* The flattened bottom of LivingColors can be placed anywhere in the room
* The intensity and brightness are now also be adjusted individually

Box Contains
# 1x Philips LivingColors LED lamp
# 1x power cable
# 1x remote control
# 3x AAA batteries.


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Also the cheaper non-remote one almost half price:…t_3

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Also available in clear colour:…t_1
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At £99 the bill for this lamp certainly changed my mood.

I've been thinking of buying one for our new front room, but the price is stopping me- do you think it was worth the cash? It's right up my street but i'm aware that if it isnt the right thing i'm unlikely to be able to sell it without taking a big loss.

while 99 quid is better than the usual price, they are well overpriced.

they look realy good in their own right as an unusual ornament but they are realy bad to position properly and i think you need two to make them realy effective in an average sized room.

on the plus side tho, you can tune one remote to two lamps giving simultanious control.

Don't look bright enough to read by.

Make your own with an electric motor, a maglite and some quality street wrappers attched to a clear plastic disc.
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What does the "Gen 2" mean?

What's changed?

From a website: "Gen 2" is a commercial trick often used by manufacturers to squeeze more money out of their customer base who have grown wise to the outlandish claims of their "Gen 1" product.

Often the "Gen 2" is the same product only with new packaging and Gen2 added to the instruction manual.

This is very cheap and effective IF you have the right place in a room. Shadows could equal fail.

Half price for a smaller one though.

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Im going to try iot and if its cack send it back. That should be my motto "If its cack send it back!"

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PS - Cold because the product isnt liked - but find it cheaper elsewhere please? Its an £80 saving for those who wanted one!!

The Gen 1 is a great product at any rate. I bought 1, then another 3

At much lower prices though, last year from Amazon and then B&Q

btw, don't bother with the small ones. They're tiny, with little light and no remote control.
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