Philips LivingColors Gen 2 Full size remote control @ Amazon only £69.99

Philips LivingColors Gen 2 Full size remote control @ Amazon only £69.99

Found 4th Aug 2012
Philips LivingColors Gen 2
Colouring Your World with Even More Light
Philips brings you a new world of light and colour. Philips LivingColors Gen 2 is an innovative LED light with an intuitive remote control that enables you to create your own ambience.
Choose From up to 16 Million Colours
Transform your home with just a touch
Choose from up to 16 million colours, create your own personal favourite colour
Decide on colour intensity and brightness - conveniently by remote control
Enjoy a 50% increase in light intensity (compared to first-generation LivingColors)

LivingColors retains your personalised setting when switched off so it's ready from the moment you switch it on again
The new generation has almost twice as many LEDs as the first (4 compared with 7)
Accordingly, the new generation has a better colour intensity and brightness (approximately 50% more)
The second generation is smaller and almost one-third more efficient

The new generation offers the user a greater variety of personal settings
The rapidity of the color changer can be adjusted individually
The flattened bottom means LivingColors can be placed anywhere in the room
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thanks for posting, have added a pic for you
Just to say I have been watching the price of these for many months now and they have been consistantly above £110. There is another seller of these on Amazon at £119 even now.
As I have wanted one for a long time now was the time to buy !
Hope this helps someone.
Agreed - this is the cheapest price I have seen it so heat added.

Gets good reviews. Does anyone have one that can share the experience?
It's amazing how much they charge for this even at the lower price.

You could have the same effect with a single light, and a small colour wheel, rotated by hand. cost less than £10. If you any good at DIY and design, you could easily house it in your own hand made unique box.

commercialization gone rampant
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Cool gadget. Bought one last year. Worth the expensive price.
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Have one of these, not bright enough to light up a room but is perfect for night time tv watching which is what I use it for just so I don't have the whole room go in darkness when ever the screen goes blank.
For a decent sized room you need more than one to get enough light. We have three in the front room linked to one remote so the colours change together. Expensive but well worth it for the style and connivence.
Was going to buy one of these a few years back but ended up just going with led tubes and have some led strip already. But needs replacing now.

Can anyone tell me the difference between this one and the one here:…488

Bulb part looks around the same size.
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