Philips Lumia sc2004/14 black IPL hair removal cordless system £112 instore at boots

Philips Lumia sc2004/14 black IPL hair removal cordless system £112 instore at boots

Found 24th Jun 2016
Instore in Boots (Ayr) seen the Philips Lumia reduced to £112. Said on shelf £350 and showing boots online at £212 so thought it seems good deal.

Never used one so cannot comment on it personally but reviews of the Philips good, no additional or replacement parts required and no changing of bulb.

This model does not have the face attachment and I can't see anywhere that it is any good for bikini line but for the cost a few wax treatments seems a good trial price
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Please note:

Unfortunately, Philips Lumea is not designed for everyone. If any of the following is true for you, then this appliance is not suitable for you to use.

If your natural hair colour in the treatment areas is light blonde, white, grey or red.If you have naturally dark brown or very dark brown skin, you rarely or never get sunburnt and you tan very darkly. In this case you run a high risk of developing skin reactions such as strong redness, burns or discolouration when you use Philips Lumea.Philips Lumea has been optimised for use by women but recent research showed that it can be used by men on most areas of the body, except the beard and scrotum.Philips Lumea SC2004 is not suitable for use on the face or the bikini area.
Spotted anywhere else? Is it worth searching the stores in London or asking customer service? I've been toying with the idea of purchasing a Lumea for a while.
My mum brought one of these from Argos Clearance Bargains and it was terrible, not sure if it was a refurbished one and just didn't work or if it was just a rip off!
Personally I'd rather shave!
a great product I must say..
I have brought one a range or 2 up from this model where I can use on face a bikini line after 2 uses I can defo see a difference.
​i have the 2007 model and you can use that on face lol. got 2 attachments with it and tea it works on black hair.
I love mine ! As a super hairy brown girl its fun to see hair falling off your legs
Ive got the face attachment but i just use the normal attachment for my face as its wider and quicker
I bought one around two years ago and love it. Has saved me a fortune on arm and leg waxes.

I have light brown skin and black hair.
I have dark hair, light skin so expected great things, very dissapointed I keep persevering but 6 months after starting using it its very patchy and I will no doubt give up soon!
Does this have windows 10 on it
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